How To Build A Freelance Team

How To Build A Freelancer Team- upwork agency - fiverr - hiring employees
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Are you thinking of launching an agency, but building it upon a traditional workspace seems like the wrong choice? Is hiring full-time employees too expensive for your budget? Well, let me tell you why building a dream team of freelancers could be the way to go in 2022.

The gig economy is here to stay, and traditional jobs are fading away. According to statistics, the economy of independent workers is growing three times faster than the US workforce as a whole. The reason being that freelancers can bring more benefits to your business than traditional work.

Today more than ever, starting an agency based on a remote team of workers could be the best way to make your business take the lead. For example, hiring freelancers may exempt your company from paying certain taxes and save you expenses on renting workspaces and equipment acquisition. Here are some tips for building the freelance team of your dreams:

1.- Define which areas of your business can rely on freelancers

Although hiring freelancers sounds brilliant on paper, there can be areas of your business where freelancers can’t fulfill a role. For example, a t-shirt printing business that requires an employee to run the machines.This wouldn’t be a job position that could be filled by remote freelancers. On the other hand, a freelancer could be the person in charge of creating the designs printed on the shirts.

2.- Perform an operational and budget analysis

One of the critical aspects when starting an agency is to have it all panned out. First, decide how many workers your business can handle according to your income expectations and budget capacity. Then, you’d need to estimate the cash flow of your business. Since such expectations can be diverted for various reasons, a risk analysis will help you make wise business decisions.

3.- Scout top-talent

According to your budget and the areas for which you’ll be needing help from independent workers, start talent scouting on specialized platforms and search for the perfect fit for your business. Some platforms like Upwork can work with agencies and enterprises to help them find the right person for every occasion.

Upwork works based on job publications with specific requirements that you as a client can submit, but other platforms like Fiverr operate as a marketplace where freelancers offer their services. Choose the right platform according to the profile and terms you want to work with freelancers.

For example, I’d recommend Upwork if your job requirements are too specific and you want to work in the long-term. On the other hand, if you need recurring small jobs, like a weekly design for printing, Fiverr could do the job for you.

4.- Define the method of communication and workflow

If you’ll be relying on multiple freelancers working together and needing to share files and documents, defining an efficient method of communication and management is vital to making your business operative.

Never rely on traditional communications channels like WhatsApp or messenger, as it will hinder your collaborative workflows. It’s best to use platforms such as Slack and Monday to streamline your business communication and ease the scheduling of tasks and deliverables.

5.- Set the contract and deliveries

Before building your freelance team, the final step is defining the contract and deliveries. Depending on where you get in touch with your freelancer, you might need assistance to create a solid contract that specifies all of the work the freelancer will be in charge of.

It should determine the rates and hours the freelancer should work per week/month and all of the job scope. It should also include the payment schedules and method. If you are using a specialized platform like Upwork, they will make this process much easier as they will handle the contracts, and you will only be in charge of your job requirements.

Remember,  when your freelancer team is in place the most important aspect is your management capacity. Contrary to employees, freelancers work under their terms and schedules. You’d need to communicate your ideas with precision so they can deliver the work according to your expectations.

Also, you should provide them with any assistance or feedback they might need to improve over time. After all, when the team is not in the same location, communication will be essential and will allow the team to grow as one.

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Ross Jenkins

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