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Automate Your Entire World
With One Click, We Can Make That Possible.

Zapier allows for easy integration of all your apps. With only a few clicks, your database can interact with all your apps as and when you need them. We’ve been working with Zapier for over 8 years.

So you can trust that we know what we’re doing.

Zapier Training

Learn how to master automation

Zapier combines its API with 3rd party tools. Like any other tool, it disseminates and distributes data.

Even though Zapier comes with its own flaws, we here at DigitalME have done the dirty work and found the perfect workflow all to your advantage.

We have been working to incorporate additional applications for client portals through Zapier.

DigitalME deals with setting up, editing, and finally refurbishing everything you might imagine – providing you and your company what you need to automate your tasks.

Zapier can help with the automation process, save time, increase ROI’s on leads, and ultimately make your business life much easier.

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Increase productivity,

Imagine how much time you would save if Zapier does the admin work that takes your 2 hours to finish every day. That is 730 hours save every year for other tasks.

That’s a whole lot of time you could use for other things that could grow your business to newer heights.


Work smarter

Get ahead of the market. Work Smart.

Completely automate smaller jobs and get an edge over you competitors.

Full Implementation

Zapier Managed Services

Wouldn’t it be better for you if you had a competent agency do all of these things for you? Well, you’ve chosen the right spot.

DigitalME has been working with Zapier for over 8 years, ranging from minor edits to complete builds using Zapier and 50 other third parties tools.

We’ve got you covered.

Popular Features
  • 365 – 24/7 Managed
  • Any bugs, glitches will be fixed within 48 hours
  • There is no limit


Getting the most out of your data

Life would be awesome if we could fully automate everything in our entire day, from replying to emails, spam boxing emails, to having meetings. We can’t automate what goes on in the actual meeting, unfortunately. However, we can automate everything around it, from sending the link to the Zoom meeting to the email sent after.

Zapier can interact with most CRMs, from HubSpot, InfusionSoft, and ActiveCampaign. It also provides you with the ability to interact with tools from Google like Drive, Gmail, and so forth – as well as many other popular tools you use daily.

Zapier has over 2000 apps linked with it. Even if it doesn’t have a particular app you want to integrate, we will make it happen.

Speed up the process

Know your Team

Your staff probably works 9-5, on a good day, 8-6. However, Zapier works 24/7. It doesn’t take tea breaks or lunch breaks! So your business never stops.

It keeps going even when you’re asleep.

Build a future for your business, scale your business growth.

DigitalME offers a fully managed Zapier service. You can also choose a one-off plan which comes with a full set of instructions and training if you want.

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