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Do more than host videos
Engage your audience, build a paying community.

Stuck on building your membership site? Does it include videos, drip content, or even quizzes. Or is that your future development. Whether you want small edits, or a total rehaul from scratch, we can build you the ultimate membership site using Memberium. 

Sell more courses

We can help you sell more courses, allowing you to spend more time building the very best quality content possible.

Educate new customers

Educating new customers on the quality, personality and overall the value of your product is one of the biggest things we enforce.

Build an audience

Building the ultimate audience around your content is key to us, we help clients become fans.

Build YOUR Membership Site

Build YOUR Platform

We’re in a world where Subscription based services are the new norm, from Spotify and Netflix taking over your radio and TV to monthly subscriptions for your food delivery services, we’ve seen it all.

It’s time to talk content, we only work with membership sites that are looking to release the best content on the planet, from videos, storytelling and online education. 

We’re a Certified Partner with Memberium for a reason, we’ve worked with over 50 Memberium sites in the past 36 months, from small edits, custom coding, or even totally redesigning their website and focus.


Increase sales

Generate more sales, up-sells, abandoned carts and targeted marketing based upon tags and current position.


Increase members

Learning is essential to Membership sites, but not just from the customer, but also the owner, the storyteller, the top of the chain. Understanding you are the front of the pact, build a community, build a circle of people who love the product as much as you and see the increase.


Increase satisfaction

We’ve built some of the best Membership sites, but also custom plugins which can massively increase the overall feeling customers have on your product, from hand-holding tactics within videos to some of the strongest up-sells.


Manage Services

Want DigitalME to manage your Memberium & back-end systems? From bug fixes to future developments? We provide an all-round 24/7 service for your Membership site.

  • 24/7 Email Support on anything Memberium & CRM Based
  • Bug fixes, broken sequences, and general maintenance.
  • Bi-weekly call on Membership Management with Ross Jenkins, a Memberium Expert
  • A managed monthly send to your database, with the latest and the greatest going on within your site, written by our team.


Getting the most out of your data

Understanding what to say, and when is one of the most asked questions we get asked, working with your database we can segment, build, and integrate content into your CRM to allow you to work on the course quality.

Take advantage of working with Marketing Expert Ross Jenkins who’s been featured on Entrepreneur, Medium & Yahoo in the past 12 months in regards to building business’s, specifically using Membership / Subscription based sites.

Ross can work with you on a monthly retainer, or just one in a blue moon. This can be anything from marketing your newest course, over to teaching you and your team how to use Memberium efficiently.

Forget cheap LMS systems, we work with tools such as LearnDash which offer fantastic integrations into Memberium, and throughout to the CRM like ActiveCampaign or InfusionSoft.

They support quizzes, resources, and a whole API allowing a completely custom route if you’d like.


ActiveCampaign or InfusionSoft

If you’re using ActiveCampaign or InfusionSoft it doesn’t change much for us, all of our builds consist of using the same theory, using the best technology. Which for payment processing is WooCommerce which works with both InfusionSoft and ActiveCampaign.

Along with integrating, we also ensure your site is optimized correctly with Memberium, from Forgotten password, all the way over to the correct permissions for pages and integration of your Learning Management System (LMS).


Know your Audience

We don’t just make websites look pretty, or automations run smooth, we also are pretty awesome at writing, we build anything from information based emails, or website copy, over to hard selling courses within an inbox.

Building a video course isn’t easy, nor is copywriting. That’s why we want to work with you to understand more about you, your personality and your business before we take on any copywriting tasks. So we can voice your personality into writing.

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