Unmatched Email Campaign Services by DigitalME – Outperforming Mailchimp Competition’s

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Don't settle for mediocre email marketing. Get in touch today and elevate your email campaigns with DigitalME.

Why DigitalME Surpasses Mailchimp

Our innovative email campaign services at DigitalME stand out amidst the Mailchimp competition, delivering unmatched results for our clients.

Tired of Mailchimp’s limitations holding your email marketing back? At DigitalME, we offer a superior solution designed to propel your business to new heights.

DigitalME is the Email Marketing Powerhouse You Need

Offering exceptional deliverability, powerful automation, and an advanced user-friendly CRM to take your email marketing to the next level. See what gives us the edge against Mailchimp competition:

Effortless Growth, Not Confusing Costs:

Mailchimp’s 3-tiered pricing structure gets complicated fast and often exceeds budgets. With DigitalME, you get straightforward transparent pricing, eliminating hidden fees and allowing you to budget effectively.

Avoid Delivery Blues:

Frustrated with Mailchimp’s low email deliverability? Are your meticulously crafted campaigns ending up languishing in spam folders? Say goodbye to disappearing campaigns with DigitalME boasting industry-leading deliverability rates, ensuring your campaigns reach their target audience.

Our CRM Goes Beyond Just a Bare-Bones Contact List:

Mailchimp’s basic CRM features hold you back and leave you wanting more. DigitalME provides an advanced, user-friendly CRM, empowering you to build strong customer relationships and boost loyalty.

Our Seamless Integrations Saving You the Headache:

Struggling to connect Mailchimp with your existing business tools? Integrate DigitalME effortlessly with our extensive library, including the well-known Zapier, ensuring a smooth workflow and eliminating any integration headaches.

We’re Built to Scale:

As your business grows, Mailchimp might not keep pace. DigitalME is a high-end solution designed to scale with your ambitions, providing the crucial tools you need for lasting success.

Precision Targeting:

Mailchimp’s limited features might leave your campaigns feeling generic. DigitalME’s enhanced, structured features empower you to craft highly targeted campaigns that resonate with specific audience segments, maximising impact.

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