What Is InfusionSoft, and Is It Right for You?

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For over 10 years, I have helped many of my clients grow and expand their businesses with InfusionSoft. And I always get asked the same question whenever I introduce it to my new clients: What is InfusionSoft?

I sometimes don’t find the right words to explain what it is in the simplest and most brief way possible. So I figured it’s time to put it in writing. 

In this blog post, I will explain what InfusionSoft is and how we use it. And later, let’s talk about whether it is right for you or not. So make sure you don’t miss that.

What is InfusionSoft?

InfusionSoft is a powerful tool, and it’s loaded with all the tools you need to run and manage your business. 

Everything in InfusionSoft is designed to make your work less stressful but more productive. It streamlines sales processes, simplifies email marketing, and dumb down complicated processes into bite-sized, easy tasks. It basically gives you the capability to do almost anything business-related. 

But I know you need to know more than that. 

So here you go. 


InfusionSoft provides you a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

A CRM collects data on how your customers interact with your emails, website, forms, products, and business in general. All the data are centralized, meaning you can view them in one place, so it’s easier for you to assess how you can improve customer experience, retention, and service. 

CRM does a lot of things, including:

Email segmentation

Email marketing is only effective if you’re sending the right messages to the right peopleーwe call that personalization. Remember, personalized emails can drive action and sales.

To make your emails targeted to potential customers, email segmentation is key. InfusionSoft’s CRM software helps you segment your email list via tags. The tags then allow you to search and sort your contacts quickly and efficiently. 

You can apply the tags manually. Or, you can let InfusionSoft add the tags automatically based on your leads’ behavior. 

Client management

InfusionSoft keeps note of every interaction and transaction you have with your customers. Every essential information that can help you build better customer relationship is stored in the contacts record. So when a customer contacts you, you don’t have to ask the same questions twice. 

The contact records also show your customers’ behavior and activity, allowing you to send them offers that they need.


When you know which of your leads engage the most with your business, you can target them and provide more personalized customer service. InfusionSoft CRM does just that. It will show your “hottest” leads. 

You create your own algorithm of what denotes a hot lead, either based on demographics, behavior, or interactions.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation, when executed properly, can boost your revenue big-time. InfusionSoft has automation capabilities so you can spend less time operating and managing your marketing campaigns. This means you have more time expanding your organization or attending other essential aspects of your business.

Marketing campaigns

InfusionSoft’s marketing automation performs tasks without, or at least very minimal, human intervention. 

When running campaigns, you can set “if this, then that” algorithms, so your prospects and customers get individualized messages based on the actions they performed (a.k.a trigger emails).

For example, a prospect who abandons a cart will receive an email reminding him about the cart. Or, if a visitor signs up for your newsletter, InfusionSoft automatically sends a welcome email. 

One of the best things about it is that InfusionSoft makes marketing very easy with a user-friendly drag and drop builder. So if you know how to drag and drop with your mouse, then you can build an automated campaign. 

infusionsoft app desktop plant

Website and landing page builder

Remember those days when many people thought only the “IT guys” can build websites? Those days are over. 

Many hosting providers and CRM platforms made website building easy and accessible for everybody. InfusionSoft offers website and landing page builders without the need to learn complicated, knotty codes. 

Using their drag-and-drop builder, you can make your own website to open your business in the digital world. The landing page plays a crucial roleーit’s what can make or break how your leads respond to your business. 

An effective landing page can drive leads to take action toward your business. A poor one can drive them away. 

InfusionSoft helps you build a strong and attractive landing page without breaking a sweat.

Cloud-based performance

Keep track of your business anytime and anywhere across different devices. InfusionSoft lets you monitor your messages, sales, and team through the web or mobile devices, so long as you have an internet connection.


InfusionSoft provides everything you need to launch, manage, and operate your eCommerce business. From adding product images, descriptions, and options to charging shipping fees and taxes, InfusionSoft is equipped to apply these elements to your online store. 

You can also organize your products into categories and use the InfusionSoft shopping cart to allow your customers to add things to their basket and browse without interruptions.

InfusionSoft also takes care of other important things in an eCommerce. I’m talking about order forms, free trials, coupons, and special promo codes. 

When it comes to payment, InfusionSoft has its own payments provider so your profit goes straight to your pocket in every sale you make.


InfusionSoft arms your team with the essential tools they need to track and manage your company’s sales performance. It enables you to create a sales pipeline so you can forecast how much money you make each week, and make business adjustments from there. 

You may also automate follow-ups to your prospects, customers, and sales representatives. Assign leads to your sales reps based on specific criteria, and automate appointments, reminders, 1:1 calls, and engagement.

Is InfusionSoft Right for You?

InfusionSoft does a lot of things and can do a lot of things. But is it right for you? Like any software, InfusionSoft is not right for all kinds of businesses. 

While it gives you sales reports, it is not an accounting software you can rely on. Although it provides eCommerce support, it’s not designed to manage thousands of products. And although it offers automated marketing, it doesn’t let you post and manage blog posts, social media posts, and web pages like HubSpot. 

InfusionSoft is something we are very passionate about. We’ve been working with them for 10 years, and we have helped many clients grow with InfusionSoft. So if you’re wondering if it is right for you, give us a call, and let’s see what solutions best fit your business.

Ross Jenkins is the founder of DigitalME and is a certified InfusionSoft consultant. He is ranked #1 on UpWork for his proficiency in digital marketing. DigitalME offers targeted digital solutions and is perfect for anyone who wants to increase leads, sales, and productivity through automation.

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Ross Jenkins

Ross Jenkins

Ross Jenkins is the founder of DigitalME and is an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant. He is ranked #1 on UpWork for his proficiency in digital marketing. DigitalME offers targeted digital solutions and is perfect for anyone who wants to increase leads, sales, and productivity through automation.