How to optimize your business using Keap services

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Are you a small business owner who feels overwhelmed by all the demands of marketing?

Do you need help in getting organized, saving time, and growing your sales?

As the only sales and marketing platform built exclusively for small businesses, Keap might just be the perfect solution to your predicament.

Keap provides a variety of services that you can use for your business’ advantage. Whether you have just recently discovered Keap or are planning on using more of its sophisticated marketing automation capabilities, we can help achieve your unique goals by configuring and integrating Keap with your unique marketing and sales workflows.

Using Keap, you can map out each step of your sales and marketing strategies.  You can also automate repetitive tasks like campaign delivery, follow-ups, and reminders. The software is so effective in maximizing customers, revenues, and business growth that it has become massively popular. 

But do you know that there’s even more to it than people realize? There’s a wide variety of services that small businesses can take advantage of.

Read on to find out how you can optimize your business using Keap services.

1. Improve Your Email Marketing

A typical American employee now spends more than six hours a day checking email a day checking email, which means email marketing has become an essential part of a business.

You need to have the right software so that email marketing won’t be a waste of your time.

Keap can assist you in sending personalized messages at the optimal time, based on each customer’s activity that the software has saved within the system.

2. Segment your lists

What makes Keap the perfect tool for email marketing is that it allows you to segment your customer lists. 

Before the advent of Keap, separating customers into target groups took forever.  Many small businesses thought that it was more trouble than it was worth, so they tend to do away with it.

With Keap, the tagging system has become so easy that you can segregate people according to your criteria, and then send emails or targeted campaigns based on lists you have created such as purchase history, sales cycles, clicks, and email opens that’s relevant to your lists.

With these features, you’ll be able to deliver the right message at the right time to the right segment lists which will help increase engagement!

3. Automate Repetitive tasks

Keap can also streamline and automate your daily tasks so that you don’t have to manually do them each time.

Do you want to send a welcome message to new newsletter subscribers? Keap will take care of that for you!

If a customer leaves items in their cart without purchasing them, you can send trigger emails for follow-ups. When they are finally enticed to make a purchase, billing and follow-ups are automatically made so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Keap can also automatically assign a lead source to a new visitor so that you have that information at your fingertips. As they are moving through your webpage, Keap’s programmed actions will nurture your leads with automated follow-up campaigns.

4. Optimize your business using Keap services to Condense Multiple Systems Into One

In the past, a business should have one system for its online marketplace, another to handle its email list, yet another to track leads…the list goes on.

That could be very draining financially to small businesses.

With Keap, almost everything your small businesses need for marketing is integrated into one system. It gets rid of the confusion and lets you do all of that in one place.

One of Keap’s biggest selling points is that the system provides a wide range of services like marketing automation, e-commerce, and customer relationship management — all at a price small business owners can afford.

It’s not just automation that saves business owners a lot of time and money — the structure of the software just makes everything easier.

5. Use Keap services as a CRM System

Keap is more than just a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This is just one of the functions of the software.


If you opt not to use it as a standalone, though, you can use the software to track things like your leads, prospects, and existing customers to make the most out of your marketing strategy.

6. Manage your marketplace

Keap integration will sync the data from your online store, data from an email list, and data from an existing CRM software to create a seamless way to manage whoever interacts with your business online.

That way, you can process payment and create invoices within the system.  The synced data will then let you create new marketing plans.

Keap lets you track what customers have purchased before, and send them targeted emails and promotions based on their past activity.  You can even create templates to sell your products or services online!

Let’s automate the small things so that you can analyze the big picture and grow your business!

There are a lot of reasons why you need Keap to pull off the kind of marketing you direly need for your business to grow.

If you’re not yet an Keap customer, I hope that this post has given you ideas of what Keap can do for you.

However, if you are already an Keap customer, I hope I have motivated you to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of how you’re currently using the software.

But let’s be honest: small business owners have a lot on their plate on top of actually running their business.  As a result, not all have the time to learn everything there is about marketing. 

That’s where DigitalME comes in.  We are here to assist you with your lifecycle marketing, creating and managing your marketing campaign, and much more.

We can handle your Keap projects so you can focus on the important strategic work, rather than getting bogged down in technical complexities.

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Ross Jenkins

Ross Jenkins

Ross Jenkins is the founder of DigitalME and is an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant. He is ranked #1 on UpWork for his proficiency in digital marketing. DigitalME offers targeted digital solutions and is perfect for anyone who wants to increase leads, sales, and productivity through automation.