Benefits to Having a Verified Facebook Business Page

Benefits to Having a Verified Facebook Business Page
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Have you ever seen a white-blue tick mark on some Facebook pages and profiles? It usually appears next to the page/account name below the display picture and search results.

This badge indicates that the Facebook community officially verifies this page as genuine. You might have also seen the same Badge on celebrities’ profiles, media companies, or well-known brands.

Due to increasing competition among various business niches, it has become utterly difficult for small businesses to rank well on search results. Verifying your Facebook Business page gives you an edge over your competitors by adding a layer of legitimacy. As a result, the potential buyers will feel more confident and connected when they engage with you.

In this post, we will be covering everything related to Facebook Business Page Verification. Let’s get started!

Why Should you Get your Facebook Business Page Verified

For starters, if you have a business you should know that a Facebook page verification is not mandatory.

Initially, only verified pages were allowed to share branded products. But of course, it’s not a thing anymore. Every business page can now sell and share anything. But still, there are several benefits to having  the verification badge, we’ll explain them below:

1. The Badge adds Authority & Legitimacy to your Brand – When your brand engages with Facebook users through a verified account, it adds credibility and legitimacy. Customers get a sense of trustworthiness as officials and believe that you are the service provider they should buy from.

2. Prevents Duplicates, Unauthentic Pages & Multiple Entries – Having a verified account means that your customers will not get confused if there are several entries for your brand. For example, if someone creates a fake page of your business, your customers will be able to see which one is official and which one is bogus.

3. Makes your Customers Feel More Secure – If you are a buyer, you always want to purchase products and services from an authentic seller; verifying your account makes your customers feel safer to buy. For example, if customers wish to return a product, file a complaint, or want answers for a general query, the Badge will help you win their trust.

4. Improves Page Ranking – Verifying your account enhances your visibility on SERPs. This means if a buyer is using a Facebook page for shopping, your products and services will show up in top search results. Although Google has never specifically confirmed it, it is observed that the verification badge plays a role in improving the local SEO results. To get better leads, optimize your Facebook content with Yoast SEO. Yoast is a highly rated plugin that uses your business location, business name, SEO titles, canonicals, meta description values, etc., to complete the required OpenGraph tags.

5. Refines Ad Campaigns – As we see a massive surge in Facebook advertisements nowadays, verifying your account can help you improve these campaigns. Through Facebook ads, you can display your products and services to the targeted audience. Also, many business owners get their ad accounts banned because of advertising policies. So, if you get your account verified, you may have chances that your ad accounts are later reactivated.

Disclaimer: Verification Badge isn’t a magic bullet. But, Facebook looks more closely into the matters of verified accounts than unverified ones.

 What to do to Make your Facebook Business Page Certified

You need to go through specific procedures to get your verification badge. Once it is done, a blue tick will appear beside your business name on your page and in search results.

You have to go through and meet the mentioned requirements in order to make Facebook review your verification request.

1. Your page must be a local business, a company, a public figure, or a registered organization to get the Badge.

2. Mention your exact physical location.

3. Make sure you are the admin of the page you want to get verified.

4. Complete all the page details to increase credibility. For Example, use the right display picture and cover photo of your services, mention the official address of your website, contact information, and “About Us” section.

How to get the Authentication Badge

1. Click on ‘Settings’ at the top of your Facebook Page.

2. Click on the ‘Page Verification’ button in the General tab.

3. Click on ‘Verify this Page’ followed by ‘Get Started.’ The next step includes entering a public contact number for your business, country, and language. Once you have filled in this information, tap on ‘Call Me Now.’ Then, Facebook will contact you and ask you for a four-digit verification code. Insert the code correctly and click on continue. You will soon get a message indicating that your business page has been verified.

Using Legal Business Documents to Verify your Page

Follow these simple steps to get your Facebook page verified with a business document:

1. To get verified, click on ‘Verify this Page’ and submit your documents at the window that appears. Then, after uploading a photo of your business’s official document, click ‘Submit.’ Make sure your copy must include your brand name, contact, and address.

2.  Facebook will then review your submitted information through your business document or receipt of your verification code. This information helps Facebook confirm your involvement with the public as a service provider and then sends you an email about your verification within a few hours.

There are a number of other factors responsible for the time taken to get through the verification process, such as type of page, the total count of subscribers, etc. Bear in mind that the blue badge process can take up to 48 hours to 45 days, and in contrast, the gray verification badge generally takes less time.


There are a plethora of advantages  to getting your business page verified on Facebook, ranging from incorporating integrity to massive visibility for your audience. So don’t wait even for a minute! Get your page verified now! If you need additional tips to boost your business with digital marketing, click here

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