Introduce Slack into Your Business (Integrations and Automations)

Introduce Slack into Your Business
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In the world of business, technology use has increased a lot. Now Slack app has become the language and means of conversation for business. Slack has a significant impact on a company’s productivity as it not only unites people to work together as a team but also simplifies communication. Certainly, it plays an essential role in the integration and automation of your business.

How Slack Operates

Slack is referred to as a messaging app that’s used freely. Its key purpose is to simplify communication among workers. Check the sample screenshot below showing Slack’s dashboard.

You can note that its structure is similar to a social media mean stream from the above image. Every individual has a unique dashboard depending on the channels they have established or are a parcel of. This app offers 3 main features:


You can note that its structure is similar to a social media mean stream from the above image. Every individual has a unique dashboard depending on the channels they have established or are a parcel of. This app offers 3 main features:


This feature assists you in organizing conversations amidst the Slack team. When you create a channel, everybody can view what’s taking place in that particular channel. Thus, it’s a noble idea to establish channels for distinct topics and projects.¬†

Private Channels:

This special feature gives you the room to pass private messages to particular team members.

Direct Messages:

This functions similarly to an email. You can assess a specific coworker directly and quickly.

Apart from the above basic features, there are other advanced characteristics to make use of, which will upgrade your business:

  • Firstly, it can drag files, drop and send them to Slack conversations. These files could be images, spreadsheets, PDFs, among others. What’s more, one can star the files to access later, add comments or search them.
  • Secondly, you can send a link to your document from Google Docx, and the document will be in sync and searchable immediately.
  • It can integrate slack with different apps. So, this ensures you don’t keep on switching back and forth to read notifications. Precisely stated, Slack is a one-stop.
  • Above all, it can keep files in sync. Anything archived is searchable.

Slack Integrations

This refers to different tools or products that you can directly access through Slack. This implies that you can access your favorite app without logging out from Slack. Examples of these integrations include:

1. HubSpot

According to statistics from Finances Online, HubSpot is the leading marketing tool for most businesses, amongst other sources. It’s a powerful tool for marketing and selling ds and services. It grows a website’s prospects and accelerates a company’s growth. When connected to Slack, HubSpot can enhance the following:

  • Put in a task from important news in Slack to HubSpot
  • Amass HubSpot’s CRM notification hence preventing app switching¬†
  • A sales professional can create an assignment and correlate it with a company, contact or do business in HubSpot directly from Slack.

2. Time Doctor

This tool tracks the time utilized on every assignment and captures your workers’ screenshot screens to monitor their time spending habits effectively. When you incorporate Time Doctor with Slack, you facilitate time to hunt in Slack and attain the following achievements:

  • Get notified when an employee is doing a task
  • Monitor the time an employee has spent on a task
  • Get updated when a task is completed
  • Track applications and websites an individual accesses while working on the task

Other vital Slack integrations include Dropbox, nTask, Statsbot, Wonder, and Tetra.

Importance of Slack Integrations

Why is slack integration important? Here is the answer!

  • Firstly, it simplifies communication and daily operations within a company
  • A team can use it to create a workflow and bring data to different devices
  • Above all, you can synchronize it with Google hangout for video calls or communication with specific employees
  • Most importantly; teams are working together on social media, sharing suggestions and discussing solutions to business challenges

Automations of Slack Integrations

Below are easy Slack workflows, which, if correctly fixed, boost the marketing process, thus increasing a company’s productivity.

1. Get Email Marketing Information in Slack

One can trace real information and control campaign performance results directly from Slack. When using GetResponse, Hu Spot, or MailChimp, simply add their tools directly from Slack’s app directory. This is crucial as it gives you an insight into the results of email campaigning, new subscribers, and subscribers.

2. Trigger Emails and Notifications to Increase Leads

With the use of Salesforce, HubSpot, and other apps from the Slack directory, you can deliver details of new leads from one’s CRM to Slack.

3. Get Informed on Fresh Form Entries and Act Instantly

In your trading team, you could be utilizing online forms. Ponder of all places you can use them. For instance, engaging guest writers on your web page and gathering leads for your product’s demo. Forms are very detailed. When using them for a product’s demo, every new entry should be equated to a potential client, and immediate action is taken.

So, to avoid losing a potential customer to a competitor, establish an easy workflow in slack and get notifications on all new entries.

4. Establish Universal Channels to Communicate With Contacts who Aren’t Using Slack

This is a brilliant idea that will see the transformation of ideas to leads. It’s Effective for both small and large scale businesses.

Here is Why You Should Consider Using Slack to Boost Your Corporate’s Productivity.

Below are reasons why any business, in pursuit of success, should use Slack:

  • A business can pass information using one channel without convincing any of its workers
  • One can easily integrate slack with different marketing platforms like HubSpot
  • All content, whether achieved or not, is easily searchable. This saves a company from losing important data.
  • It’s possible to send confidential messages when the need arises.
  • You can access the app anywhere, anytime
  • It facilitates sharing of amongst employees¬†

Online marketing is evolving and inventing new digital strategies daily. So, if you need your company to get ahead of the others, stay updated and embrace the new inventions in marketing.

In conclusion, Slack is one of the online marketing strategies. So, this is a mighty tool that your business needs to increase productivity. The good news is, both small and large-scale businesses can use it. If you haven’t started using this app, download it, integrate it with other apps, and experience immeasurable results. Similar to other social media platforms, it’s easy to install and use.

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