Memberium or ActiveMember360: Which one to choose?

Memberium or ActiveMember360: Which one to choose?

Memberium Or ActiveMember360

Do you use Keap (InfusionSoft) or ActiveCampaign and don’t know how to activate a membership site? Have you heard of Memberium and ActiveMember360 but don’t know which one to choose? We help you solve your doubts.

Both Memberium and ActiveMember360 are plugins for WordPress that connect your CRM and campaigns with your WordPress site. These tools give you the possibility to connect your workflows with WordPress seamlessly. However, Memberium was meant primarily to integrate with InfusionSoft (although it also has a plugin for ActiveCampaign),  while ActiveMember360 was made exclusively to integrate with ActiveCampaign.

Plugins Overview

Memberium allows you to create a site of courses, memberships, and exclusive content quickly and easily, granting permissions depending on the attributes of the users. It integrates perfectly with WordPress posts types and pages as well as with other plugins, so you have in-depth control over your permissions.

Activemember360 allows you to automatically create memberships for your website and gives you content protection depending on the memberships assigned to them: There are three types of protection for sites: public access, member access, and admin access.

Main Features

The Memberium plugin includes the following features:

✓ You can create an unlimited number of courses.
Restrict and allow unlimited content to an unlimited number of users.
Assign membership levels in an unlimited way.
✓ Add user tags requirements to your posts and pages so that only users with a certain tag have access to the content.
✓ It supports the cart/checkout that you integrated with ActiveCampaign.
Create several levels of membership simultaneously for users.
Give access to your site with a simple link generated in Keap.
✓ Integrates with various popular WordPress plugins such as LearnDash, SenseiLMS, Learnpress, Elementor, Divi, BeaverBuilder, and Woocommerce, among many others.
Amazon S3 Links.

With ActiveMemeber360 you get the following :

✓ Protect posts types and pages through membership tags assigned in ActiveCampaign.
Restrict certain sections of your pages using shortcodes.
Protect your feeds.
✓Change the excerpt depending on the level of membership of visitors.
It integrates with other WordPress plugins like LearnDash, Woocommerce, Elementor, Beaver builder, bbpress,  and payment gateways like Stripe.
You can place content teasers to show part of your content to unregistered users.
✓ Integrates with Amazon S3 Links.


Memberium Plans

1 domain

Connect 1 Keap account


Unlimited domain

Connect 1 Keap account


Unlimited domains

Connect 3 Keap accounts


ActiveCampaign for 1 domain only


Unlimited domain for 1 ActiveCampaign account


Unlimited domains with 3 ActiveCampaign apps


ActiveMember360 Plans

Flat rate

$37/month or $370/year

Unlimited domains and 1 activecampaign account

Which one is for me?

If you currently use keap, Memberium is the right option for you since it’s fully optimized to work with InfusionSoft. Otherwise, if you use ActiveCampaign, use Activemember360 since the plugin includes everything you need to connect your membership site with ActiveCampaign. If you still don’t have any of these marketing automation tools and you want to know which one suits your business better we recommend you to take a look at our Keap vs ActiveCampaign comparison to see the difference between one and the other and which is more appropriate for your business. Also, remember that at DigitalME we have our managed services for both Keap and ActiveCampaign and we can also configure your membership site with any of these tools.