how to determine your rate on Upwork as a virtual assistant

how to determine your rate on Upwork as a virtual assistant

The job of a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person in charge of providing support to their employer in the operative tasks. Virtual assistants’ functions depend on the employer’s requirements; their duties can include providing essential support for communications, such as writing emails, managing contacts, and answering phone calls, or they can be more specialized; performing business operations, accounting, market research, etc. Virtual assistants commonly work as independent contractors, but they can also offer their services as part of an agency.

Is it easy to get a job as a virtual assistant on Upwork?

Virtual assistant jobs are among the most in-demand jobs on Upwork as of 2022. It means there are many job opportunities every day, but more people are competing for them. It’ll be more challenging if this is the first job you’re trying to get a job on Upwork. If this is the case, you can visit our article How To Get A Job As A Virtual Assistant On Upwork to learn tips for getting your first job as a virtual assistant on the platform.

Is working as a virtual assistant worth it?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a freelance virtual assistant in the US is $48,0099 a year. And the average rate is $23 per hour. That is for virtual assistants in general, but the wage can go as high as $107,0000 a year for more specialized jobs. That’s an excellent opportunity if you’re planning to scale your virtual assistant business. Remember that there are many specializations for virtual assistants, so your hourly rate would depend on your specific contract and where you’re getting the job. On Upwork, for example, you’d need to consider some parameters that can help you define your hourly rate.

What parameters should I consider?

To calculate your hourly rate as a virtual assistant, we have created a calculator that will estimate an hourly rate to charge your clients. Remember that this is just an estimate and does not necessarily mean you have to assess exactly that number. Also, remember that if you’re trying to get your first job, a good strategy can be to reduce a little your hourly to increase your chances of winning it.


These are the parameters we are considering for calculating the hourly rate:


The skills are the first factor since they’ll estimate your level of knowledge. It considers the skills that beginners tend to have when they get a job on Upwork. Basic skills such as Excel and data entry typically get jobs with lower payments, and advanced skills such as business consulting and business planning get higher.

Overall experience

The calculator measures the level of experience in years. It considers the level of experience acquired during your whole career. So this is the “true experience” since It doesn’t consider if you’ve been hired on Upwork or not.

Experience on Upwork (JSS)

This parameter considers your experience acquired on the platform. This parameter only considers jobs you’ve got that left good reviews. That’s why we measure this parameter with your job success score.

Upwork virtual assistant Calculator

To calculate your hourly rate, first select the service you provide:

Administrative assistant

executive assistant

Advanced assistant

Select your Level of Experience (in years)



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