Tips and tricks for video editors on Upwork

Tips and tricks for video editors on Upwork

What are the functions of a video editor?

A video editor is responsible for transforming video footage into a final product so it can communicate stories or ideas. They can perform editions related to the script, sound, graphics, and video. A video editor has to make sure that people who watch the final result properly understand and enjoy the content. A video editor can work in multiple fields and industries such as filming, broadcasting, animation, social media, and advertising.

What are the skills required to be a video editor?

When working as a video editor you must possess certain skills that will allow you to create videos that really connect to the audiences. Here are some of the most important ones:


Having enough creativity is vital when working as a video editor. Video is a very competitive industry. You must be able to identify trends and apply them to your projects in a creative way so they stand out from the others. It’s all about creation when working in video editing.


Paying attention to small details is essential for you to create video productions. You’ll have to dominate technical aspects of video filming and production like the aspect ratio, the angles of the camera, the lighting, color, and sound. You have to make sure that every little detail of them is harmonic and synchronized.


A great part of the video editor’s labor consists in being able to properly communicate ideas. This to the audience that’ll interact with their final work, and with the co-workers and clients. In many cases, a video editor will work along with other professionals such as cameramen, sound editors, actors, and directors. Being able to communicate ideas to them is a must to get a great final result.


Typically when a business is looking for a virtual assistant is because the person who needs the service is very busy with other essential tasks, so what they typically do is look for a qualified person that can help them perform the others. This helps maintain the business/ client productivity without having to hire a person for each task. Instead, they’d look for a person competent enough of handling all of the remaining ones.

Is working as a freelance video editor worth it?

It is very common that video editors would provide their services as independent contractors rather than working as part of an agency or production company. With social media being a big market for them, it’s typical to see many video editors offering their services to produce marketing videos for it. Working as a freelance video editor is a great way of having the freedom of managing your time and being in full control of your expenses. You also have the liberty of choosing the job that suits you better.

Is Upwork a good place to find video editor jobs?

Upwork is one of the best places where you can find jobs and projects related to video editing. There are hundreds of daily posted projects related to social media video production, filmmaking, webinars, and video courses looking for independent freelancers and agencies. It’s important for you to pay attention to the latter since you also can also start your own agency on Upwork. If you are willing to create your own video agency, Upwork is a great platform to launch it.

How to start getting clients on Upwork?

If you are starting your freelance journey on Upwork and want to build a successful video editor career, you need to know about some key determining factors when building a reputation on Upwork:

1.- It’s all about the first job

Consider your first job on Upwork the most important one. The first job that you get is the one that will define where you want to take your video editing career to. It’ll give you the routes to build your strategies and define how many hours you are willing to work and your hourly rate. It will also give you traction for getting the next job.

2.- Write a great proposal

Sending great proposals when bidding for projects is vital for you to be considered for the job. Sending a short and well-thought-out proposal will definitely make it more feasible to be read by the recruiter. In fact, a well-written proposal can get you hired even your profile is still empty of reviews.

3.- Define a schedule even before being hired

It’s important for you to know that since the moment that you decided to work as a freelancer, you started working. Sounds crazy but is real: From that moment all of your career and the success or failure of it depends on you. Since the conception of the idea, you are responsible for making it possible to get the next job. It’s a good idea to send multiple proposals a day so you increase your chances to be considered for one. Then, define which ones are the most interesting so you can arrange the interviews for them.

a proposal for video editors

If you still don’t know how to start writing your proposals for your video editor services refer to this template and feel free to use it and modify it to your needs:

Hello first name of the client,

My name is your name, a video editor with write here years experience experience in write here a short summary of your experience in video editing. I use and master software you use for video editing separated by “/”.

Three important facts about my career as a video editor:

📽️ First short relevant aspect about your career as a video editor. Don’t include information already on your profile. Also, try to include information relevant to the job post.

🏆 Second short relevant aspect about your career as a video editor. Don’t include information already on your profile. Also, try to include information relevant to the job post.

🌟 Third short relevant aspect about your career as a video editor. Don’t include information already on your profile. Also, try to include information relevant to the job post.

Regarding your project, include here a brief idea of how you are planning to work on the project. Make it so concise that will convince the potential client that you are a very experienced video editor. You can also include a recommendation for completing the project more efficiently.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to request an interview and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

other tips and tricks for your video editing career:

Here are some other recommendations that will help you elevate your video editor career as a freelancer on Upwork:

1.- Learn Adobe Premiere PRO

Adobe Premiere Premiere PRO is one of the most requested software skills to get a job as a video editor on Upwork. Being able to use it at least on a certain level will make you competent enough to get more jobs. Of course, you will also find other requirements for software such as Apple Final Cut Pro and CyberLink PowerDirector 365 but Adobe is still the leader on video editing.

2.- Define a niche

Working as a specialized video editing freelancer will get you more jobs as your projects will be centered and perfected around a single subject. Working as a general video editor would put you at a disadvantage against other specialized freelancers unless you are a real pro on the specific project you are bidding on. You could choose a niche around a specific video industry or topic. For example, you could specialize yourself as a video editor on educational youtube videos.

3.- Make use of the project catalog

Using the Upwork Project catalog is a great way to attract clients in need of a video editor instead of you getting to them. But although is a good idea to create it in advance, you won’t start getting requests until you have reached a certain experience level on the platform. This is due to the fact that you need a solid reputation first so you can start receiving requests. But once you start receiving your request, this will increase your profile awareness. Consider using the project catalog for small projects that you can deliver on time.

4.- Showcase your best projects only

The portfolio is one of the most important elements of your profile as a video editor since you can showcase your skills as a video editor.  However, is highly recommended just to put your best projects since clients won’t have much time to see all of them. Typically they will review just the first ones and the other will go unnoticed. It’s a good idea just to place the top 10 and rank them from best to least good.

5.- Learn from other freelancers

If you are planning big for your freelance video editing career, or if it interests you to build an agency on Upwork, you can find some guidance from the best. Ross Jenkins, our founder and CEO, provides his advice and shares his experiences as an expert-vetted freelancer on the platform. Ross Jenkins has built his reputation as one of the top marketers on Upwork and in fact, has been featured many times by them. Feel free to click on the following button so Ross can arrange a call with you. You’ll get to learn multiple things, from building a strong profile to getting big clients for your agency.