Upwork Tutorial for beginners: How to Start your Freelancer Journey

Upwork Academy: How to Start your Freelancer Journey

Are you looking to get into the freelance business?

Surely start freelancing these days is not an easy task. You need to push real hard to start getting some clients. The most difficult part of being a freelancing is in fact, starting. When you’ve decided that you no longer want to be working for someone else but as an independent, you need to understand that nobody is going to care about that choice. No one is going to applaud it and start offering some jobs as soon as you abandon your traditional job. The failure or success of that decision is up to you. At the beginning you’ll be in charge of all aspects that normally a business relies on their workers to do:

☑ You’ll be needing to reach out to potential prospects that may offer you some project. 

☑ You also will be marketing yourself as the right candidate to perform the job. 

☑ You need to make sure that all of the resources required to perform the jobs are within your reach. Like the software, equipment, transportation, and technology.

☑ You’ll be required to act as the salesperson and account manager. This means you’ll be in charge of selling your services and being the contact person who is in charge of an account. You’ll need to respond to any issues or eventualities that may arise during the contract.

☑ You’ll be your own accountant. This means you’ll be managing your profits and will decide how much you are willing to invest in yourself as a business.

How much effort does it take?

At first, freelancing will look like a mountain to climb, but as soon as you get started, you’ll realize that there are some strategies that you could follow to make your early freelancing days easier. As soon as you start using some proven strategies, the freelancing journey could be the best decision you’ve taken in your life.

In fact, many successful freelancers are interested in sharing their experiences and teaching how they coped with common problems and issues that almost all newbie freelancers pass through when they’re just starting. DigitalME knows well about this situation, as Ross Jenkins himself, the founder and CEO of our agency, is an expert vetted freelancer at UpWork, one of the top platforms to get freelance jobs.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is an American platform that connects freelancers and clients from all around the world. It allows businesses, entrepreneurs, and any person with a project really that requires the assistance of an independent worker or agency. Upwork acts as an intermediary between the client and the freelancer, allowing the freelancer to create a profile and put information related to its skills and experience. When the client posts a project, the freelancer can bid on it and the client decides which freelancer is the best suited to perform the job. One of the best parts about using Upwork is that it guarantees the payments. What this means is that if you win a project, the payment for it will be protected as long as you complete the job according to what was agreed.

How can I learn to become a freelancer at Upwork?

There are many ways you can start learning how to become a freelancer at Upwork. There are many articles and pages around the internet on how you can start, but we recommend you stick to a single method or person as each of them has had their own experiences and not all of them can apply to you. For example, becoming a designer freelancer is very different than being an accountant freelancer.

That’s why we have compiled some of the best free and paid tutorials for beginners and courses you can follow to become a successful freelancer. Is up to you to decide which one applies best to you. We recommended taking a look at the instructors’ backgrounds so you can see if their profile relates to yours.

How to become a freelancer: Free learning


Evan Fisher aka the Freelance MVP is one of the most successful freelancers on Upwork. He’s managed to make more than $1 million working on Upwork and other freelancing platforms by providing pitch deck services. He recently started uploading instructive videos on his youtube channel where he shares some tips and tricks on how you can become a successful freelancer on the platform.

Josh Burns Tech

One of the best freelancer SQL server freelancers on Upwork, Josh B. has built its own freelancing academy on youtube, constantly uploading videos related to his experiences being a freelancer. He has a complete tutorial for Upwork beginners if it interests you. For freelancers related to data engineering, this is a great choice.

Zakir Ahmad Shah

One of the top-rated WordPress developers on Upwork, Zakir Ahmad is one of the most successful web developers on Upwork. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares awesome advice on how to become a top-rated freelancer. Highly recommended for web developers aspiring freelancers.

Freelance To Win

Danny Margulies has created this website to help new freelancers start their journeys. He is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork and although he offers a paid course, he offers some great tips on his blog for copywriting freelancers. If you want to start a copywriting freelancer career through Upwork, Danny Marguiles is one of the best teachers available.

Digital Nomad Soul

Digital Nomad Soul is a great platform that provides training services and related content for remote working. You can find very helpful tips from Denise Mai, a successful Upwork freelancer that managed to scale up her Upwork profile by doing part-time jobs. Digital Nomad Soul is a great project for both rookies and pros.

How to become a freelancer: Paid learning

Morgan Media LLC

Morgan Overholt is one of the top-rated graphic designers on Upwork. She offers her freelance training services through her agency website. It can be as cheap as $5 dollars per month. She also offers awesome advice through her blog. Design is one of the most in-demand skills for freelancers, and Morgan can help you with some awesome instructive material so you become one of the top ones.

Upwork Advantage

Upwork advantage is the paid course by Danny Margulies where you can learn how he managed to make 6 figures numbers on Upwork. By enrolling he’ll show you exactly the techniques he used. One of the most complete courses available.

Digital Nomad Remote work

This is a paid course by Denise Mai. It will show you how in deep how to succeed by doing remote work. You’ll learn how to be productive and how to maintain your physical and mental health while doing it. Great for those aspiring freelancers who are very serious when it comes to productivity.

Freelance academy

The freelance academy is a web platform where you can find some courses related to freelancing. you can learn how to start and how to promote your freelance business through Linkedin and other media. Great for those who want to learn to market themselves.