Upwork Mentoring Program Applications

Upwork Mentoring Program Applications

🏆 Getting Your First Job On Upwork Mentoring Program 🏆

Program Description

This program was created to prove that through proper advice and with some essential steps we've already shared with our Facebook group, making your way on Upwork can be achievable and not as complicated as some might think. As Ross Jenkins has stated many times, great things start small, and when it comes to Upwork, getting your first job is that first step.

The program will select one freelancer we consider to be trustable, responsive, and communicative, provide feedback, and capable of sharing the experiences acquired through the program with other Upwork freelancers through an English-spoken video. The chosen freelancer will get exclusive mentoring from Upwork +1M earnings freelancer Ross Jenkins to get their first job.

This program will reward $1,000 in consulting per person, and it will mentor five people in total, which means this is a $5,000 worth mentoring program that's being given for FREE . Note that this program will not give you any money but free consulting by Ross Jenkins, so don't expect monetary compensation.

Consider this was specifically designed for Upwork Freelancers that haven't got any jobs yet. If you already have got your first job, this program wasn't meant for you. In consideration of your freelancer peers, please refrain from applying.


To participate in this program, read the following instructions carefully:

1.- Read the project requirements and make sure you meet all of them (If your application doesn't meet the requirements, it'll be immediately discarded)
2.- Proceed to complete and submit the form.
3.- Click submit.
4.- We'll thoroughly review all submissions and choose the winner.
5.- If your application is chosen, we'll contact you via email or Facebook.



These are the requirements you need to meet to be considered for this program:

1.- Being capable of communicating in English (written/spoken).
2.- Have an Upwork profile that aligns with Upwork TOS.
3.- A skill/niche that does not require physical presence to provide a service.
4.- At least 50 connects that you'll use exclusively for this program. You'll need to upload this file and share it publicly on Google drive.
5.- To have all the equipment and assets needed in place to provide the services related to your niche (for example, if you're a video editor, a computer with good internet, and the software needed to edit the videos).
6.- An HD webcam for video calls.
7.- A good quality microphone.
8.- Record a video no more than 60s long on why you think you deserve to be part of this program, upload to google drive and make it publicly accesible.
8.- To fill in and submit the application form on the next step.

Application Form

Accept Terms and Conditions

To be able to submit your form, you must agree with the following terms and conditions: