How to offer my Google ads services through Upwork

How to offer my Google ads services through Upwork

What is a google ads specialist?

A Google Ads specialist is the person responsible for working on the planning, setting, and launching of advertising campaigns through the use of Google Ads. Part of their labor consists of planning, optimizing, and executing digital marketing strategies for selling products or offering services online. Google Ads specialists tend to work as freelancers as the services they provide are very specific. This doesn’t mean the job of a Google Ads specialist is less important, but that their labor is centered around a specific but vital part of Digital marketing. Keep reading If you are interested in knowing how to offer your Google Ads services through the Upwork platform.

What makes working as a freelancer different?

If you work as a Google Ads specialist as a freelancer, things are going to be very different than working as part of a business or company. Freelancers have some benefits that employees don’t. Here are some of them:

You handle relationships

We mean that you’ll be the direct contact with the client. Although this can be a disadvantage if you don’t like to interact with clients, this opens the door to deliver better results. By working directly with clients you’ll be able to know at first hand what their needs are.

You build yourself a reputation

Working as a freelance google ads specialist gives you the opportunity to build yourself a name regarding your services. If you do a great job, it’s more likely that your clients recommend you to their peers. When you have enough reputation as a Google Ads specialist, it’ll be easier for you to get new clients.

Work in the projects you like the most

Contrary to working as part of a business/agency, you choose the projects you enjoy the most by working as a freelancer. There’ll be no more boring hours as the projects are the ones you really like.

Manage your incomes as a business

You’ll be the one managing the money you receive for your services. Also, you’ll be in charge of deciding how to invest in yourself to promote your business. Whether it be through a website, Facebook, or Google Ads itself.

Set your working hours

You have more freedom regarding the schedule of your work time. If you have other activities to attend, you have more flexibility to set a time for those. Also, you’ll be able to tell your client what your working hours are so you agree better on the deadlines for deliveries.

Is Upwork a good place to offer my Google ads services?

Upwork is a great platform to get jobs for any discipline. Whether you be an accountant, lawyer, or designer, you can find a job for all of those. But what makes a Google Ads specialist special for finding a job through Upwork is that the services they provide lend themselves to be offered through freelance platforms. There are hundreds of jobs posts every day related to Google Ads campaigns on Upwork. Aside from that fact, Upwork is one of the best platforms for scaling up freelancers’ careers through solid mechanisms. For example, Upwork allows building a reputation based on clients’ feedback and freelancer earnings.

What are the advantages of using Upwork over other job platforms?

There are many reasons why you’d choose Upwork over other platforms, but the most important ones relate to Upwork quality of service for both freelancers and clients:

1.- Versatility

Upwork platform was built thinking in all job disciplines and how to make possible the freelance work for all of them. Their platform has tools to make this possible. From video calls to a desktop tracker to bill your working hours.

2.- Powerful search tool

Upwork has a greatly optimized tool for performing searches for both freelancers and clients. When you are working for jobs you can narrow the search results according to your level of experience, the earning you expect, and the duration of the project. Also, you can filter jobs near your location or search for projects all around the world.

3.- Secure your payments

When working on Upwork, you can be sure that you’ll get paid as long as you fulfill and deliver what was agreed. Upwork has a protection system for both fixed price and hourly prices that ensures your payments. It also has a reliable dispute mechanism to mediate issues that aroused during projects.

4.- Get recognition

If you manage to deliver a good job for all of your projects, Upwork takes that into notice and starts promoting your profile so it’ll appear on the first results when clients search for freelancers. You also can earn badges according to your performance. These badges appear on your profile when clients are reading it.

Upwork first steps

To start offering you Google ads services on Upwork, there are some things you need to take into account:

1.- A good profile sells

While creating your Upwork account, give much importance to your profile, as this is the picture of you as a professional. Creating a profile that highlights all of the relevant aspects of your career, with no grammatical errors and a professional picture is the way to go.

2.- Be honest about your expertise

There’s no worse way to start your freelancer career on Upwork than creating a fake profile. Even though your experience is little or almost zero, it’s preferable you’re honest about it. Who knows maybe you end up being hired as a junior Google ads marketer.

3.- Send well thought out proposals

When you are sending proposals for bidding on projects, try them to be as short and effective as possible. It’s a good idea that you include some links relevant to your experience as a Google Ads specialist, such as a website your own or a case study of one of your clients.

A Proposal template for Google ads specialists

If you have no idea how to start writing your job proposal, you can use the following template as a starting point. Feel free to edit it according to your needs:

Hello first name of the client,

My name is your name, a Google Ads specialist/expert with write here years experience (avoid years experience if no more than 1 year) years experience providing my services for planning, setting up, and managing outstanding ads campaigns that deliver incredible results.

Three key aspects about me:

📢 First short relevant aspect of your Google Ads career relevant to the particular job. Don’t include information already on your profile.

Second short relevant aspect of your Google Ads career relevant to the particular job. Don’t include information already on your profile.

💵 Third short relevant aspect of your Google Ads career relevant to the particular job. Don’t include information already on your profile.

I invite you to take a look at this case study/website: link to external website where you can see the results I have delivered and also take a look at my profile to know more about my background as a Google Ads specialist.

Regarding your project, let me recommend write here some advice related to the job post. This is my idea to make your Google Ads campaigns successful.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to request an interview so we can discuss this proposal in detail.

Kind regards, your name

How to become a Google ads specialist through Upwork

Here are some tips that will help you make your way through Upwork as a Google Ads specialist. Please consider that in order to achieve them you must have some knowledge of Google Ads and how it operates.

1.- Start with easy jobs

The best way to start your journey as a Google Ads specialist on Upwork is to bid on jobs that require to do easy tasks. For example, a single ad campaign with a low budget will surely make it for a first job.

2.- Never make promises

As a Google Ads specialist, you must know that advertising campaigns are not always going to deliver the results the client is expecting. It’s a good idea to mention beforehand that there are numerous factors involved in the results of advertising campaigns such as the quality of the product/service wanting to advertise, the audience reachability, and the budget.

3.- Showcase case studies

If you have previously worked as a Google Ads specialist and delivered extraordinary results for some clients, it’s a good idea to ask those clients for permission to showcase part of the job you did for them. If possible show some statistics related to the effectiveness of the campaigns such as the click-through rate and the cost per click. You can make use of the Upwork portfolio to show these case studies.

4.- Consider launching a website

There’s no better way to advertise your services as a Google ads specialist than having your website to show your amazing skills. Having a great-looking website displaying some ads templates is a great way to convince potential clients that you are a very talented Google Ads specialist.

5.- Get training from the best

If you are planning big for your career as a freelance Google Ads specialist, you should consider getting some help from the best. Ross Jenkins, our CEO, and founder offers his expertise for freelancers that wish to make their way on Upwork. Ross Jenkins is an expert-vetted freelancer on Upwork and one of the top digital marketers on it. By taking some training with him, you’ll get to know some secrets to becoming a successful freelancer. You also can learn how to launch your Google Ads agency and how to get some big clients for it. If you are interested, click on the following button and fill in the form, so Ross can schedule a call with you