How to get 5 star reviews on Upwork

How to get 5 star reviews on Upwork

Getting 5 star reviews on Upwork

Are you just starting on Upwork and want to create a successful career? Do you want to know how to improve your profile score? In this article, you’ll learn how to get good reviews on your profile and why it is essential for you to satisfy your clients to get 5-star reviews on any contract. You will also learn to request feedback while working on your contract or after ending it.

Why are reviews so important on Upwork?

Although Upwork doesn’t explicitly specify the calculation of your JSS, they do specify that end-of-contract feedbacks are a decisive factor for it. The lesser your JSS, the fewer chances you have to compete with others for the same job. And, as you probably know, JSS gives clients some details about your performance on past jobs. However, it’s important to notice that mid-contract feedback (after a contract has ended) doesn’t impact your JSS but still will show on your work history, and potential clients will be able to see them anyway. Hence, the importance of getting good reviews on your profile.

How do I get reviewed on Upwork?

There are two types of feedback on Upwork: Mid-contract feedback (during the contract) and end-of-contract feedback (after the contract has ended):

Mid-Contract Feedback

It’s only possible for a client to provide feedback to the freelancer (not the other way around) before a contract ends. To be able to request a review from your client prior to the end of the contract, you must:

1.- Wait for 30 days after your contract has started.

2.- Have received payment for the contract in the last 30 days.

3.- Not have received feedback for the same contract in the last 30 days.

If you fulfill those requirements, to request feedback for your client:

1.- Go to your contracts screen, and choose the contract for which you want to get a review.

2.- Click on “Request Feedback”.

3.- After submitting the request, the client will have 14 days to provide feedback. You won’t be able to submit another request during those 14 days.

Note: Mid-contract feedback will always be publicly visible on your profile.

End-of-contract feedback

After completing the job specified on your contract, you and the client must agree to finish it. To formally end the agreement, the client or you have to click on the “Finish the contract” button on the contract summary page. Once the contract has ended, both of you will be able to provide feedback. You can message your clients to leave a review so they don’t forget. It’s also recommended you provide feedback for your client as well. To give feedback to your client:

1.- Go to My Jobs and look for the ended contracts section.

2.- Locate the contract of the client you want to review.

3.- Click on “Give Feedback”.

Note that the client and you have 14 days after ending the contract to be able to provide feedback. The review won’t be available on your profile until you and your client) give feedback to each other or after the 14 days have passed.

There are two types of reviews the client, and you will be able to provide:

– Private Review

The client will explain why the contract is being ended and leave a private review of your performance. It will be for Upwork records only and won’t be available on your profile. Note that the client wouldn’t want to make some aspects of the job publicly available in some cases, whether for confidentiality reasons or simply because they don’t want to damage the freelancer’s reputation. If that’s the case, they will use private feedback.

– Public Review

The public one will be accessible for anyone who has access to your profile. The public review can help future clients check on your past client satisfaction. It can also be helpful for freelancers to see others’ strategies for getting positive client satisfaction and getting new jobs.

How to get 5-star reviews on Upwork

These are some of the tips you can follow to get 5-star reviews during the contract of after completing the job:

1.- Ask for clear requirements and objectives

After you’ve applied for a new job and have been requested for an interview, the next step is to ask the client for a complete project briefing. Always make sure it includes a full list of requirements and their objectives. It will guarantee that the client and you are on the same page and fully understand the project’s scope.

2.- Set realistic deadlines and working hours

Before starting a new contract, tell your client how many hours you can work on their projects. Try not to oversaturate your working hours and always be honest about them. Some beginner freelancers tend to work extra hours and overlap them thinking they might not get another chance. Always discard jobs that will be difficult for you to complete. Also, if you are on a fixed-price project, set realistic dates for your milestones.

3.- Always be polite and communicative.

Planning well-written, efficient proposals is a good tactic for increasing your chances of winning your first job. Try your proposals to be as direct and concise as possible. Consider that clients won’t have the time to read long proposals, so it’s better to put the most relevant information in the least possible words.

4.- If you make a mistake, try to fix it

There are no perfect jobs or perfect freelancers. Some situations could emerge that you didn’t contemplate during the interview. If that’s the case, and those problems were partly your fault, try to amend them by offering the client something in exchange, like working some extra hours or offering an additional service. Apply this technique only as a last resort if the problem affects the delivery terms.

5.- Finish the job in a unique fashion

There’s nothing better than adding value to your services. Try to add some value to your project deliveries by giving them a unique fashion. That would depend on your job niche mostly. Still, some good ideas could be to deliver performance reports about your services with your logo, a study case about the client’s project, or some invitation to your website. Also, always thank the clients and let them know that you’re looking forward to working with them in the future.

6.- Ask for it

Some clients forget to leave a review to their freelancer after a contract has ended. Always ask for a review if you know you did a good job, and the client is satisfied. Also, you can request reviews while working on the contract if you believe you’re doing great.

Need more Help?

That’s how you can get 5-star reviews on Upwork! Remember that the final result will depend on how you handle your contracts. Still, you won’t have any issues if you follow these steps to the letter. Remember that at DigitalME, we can give you advice on making your freelance career profitable by providing you with some free help articles. Also, you can check the freelance training program from our founder and CEO, Ross Jenkins. Click on the “Get In Touch” button and complete the contact form if you’re interested. He’ll be reaching out to you as soon as possible.