How to set up transactional campaigns through Maropost

How To Set Up Transactional Campaigns Through Maropost

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are emails intended to notify or inform recepients about activity on their account or a monetary transaction. Its purpose is to keep users posted about their interactions with an application or service. The difference between a transactional email and a marketing email is that although some transactional emails can be considered as marketing, their main purpose is to inform, rather than sell.

Why transactional emails are so important?

Transactional emails are very important because they allow you to interact with your target audience. You can send transactional emails to users that aren’t even on your marketing lists. Most importantly, transactional emails help with lead engagement. Hence the importance of making high-quality transactional emails.

What can I send through transactional emails?

You can send them to notify or inform users about anything related to their accounts’ interactions and events. Transactional emails are typically sent immediately after the trigger actions occur. Some examples for transactional emails are:

Onboarding emails:

These are considered by some as marketing emails, as they serve as a welcome email when a user subscribes to a list. Their primary purpose is to inform the new users of their subscription to a list. It’s commonly used as a way to welcome them and let them know what to expect about their subscription. They can also provide some content related to the business brand.

Account notifications

The sending for these happens after user accounts’ actions and requests. For example, if the user requests to change the password, it’d receive an email to notify about the action.

Transaction notifications

During purchase transactions, the app or website sends an email notifying the user if the payment was accepted or if there was a problem with it. Their purpose is to inform the users about monetary transactions happening in its account.

Bills and receipts

Sent after successful payments or when requesting a payment. They include file attachments and their purpose is to allow the user to keep a record of its finances.


Notification emails that are sent when a user requests a ticket for support, or when the support has finalized. These allow the user to know if the petition has been taken or the issue was addressed.

Shopping notifications

Notifications for events occurring after a session on an eCommerce application or website. These may apply to abandoned carts, order confirmation, and shipping.

Social notifications

These function as a way to inform users about interactions other people had with its account. For example, the notifications a user receives for a new comment reply in a forum, or when a user tags its name on a post.

What is a transactional campaign?

A transactional campaign refers to the segmenting and transactional emails so they can be set to be sent automatically. By creating transactional campaigns, you’ll be sure that your email is properly configured so the users will be receiving the correct notifications and confirmations. The creation of campaigns lets you keep track of the sending of emails and get performance-related reports.

How to set up transactional campaigns on Maropost?

Maropost lets you create and send transactional email campaigns so you have a way to send these emails outside your application. It’s a great way to keep the management of all your communications with your contacts on a single dashboard. 

There are 2 ways you can connect your application to Maropost: Through SMTP and by using API.  You will be using JetSend as the bridge between your application and Maropost account and Maropost will be in charge of sending your transactional emails. This is very important as you won’t face some of the most recurring issues when sending transactional emails. Contrary, you will get the following:

-Good deliverability. You will be using a high-quality email provider service.

-Reports: you will get analytics data for each of your transactional campaigns. You can use this in conjunction with your marketing campaigns to build outstanding experiences for your users.

-Reliable service. You can make sure Maropost takes the customer very seriously. Its email sending service is one of the best of its kind. You won’t face sudden disconnections between your app and Maropost.

To start sending transactional emails for your campaigns check the following documentation. It’s highly recommended that you review it with your development team to make sure the connection is properly configured. 

Use the following documentation to properly set up your transactional email campaigns:

Manage all of your workflows through Maropost

As you can see, Maropost is a great tool for administrating all of the stages within your sales workflows. From creating content to automating your total email sending by connecting your eCommerce application to Maropost.  We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any issues connecting your application we can give you a hand through our managed services. We cal also help you with anything related to your email campaigns. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll reach to you as soon as possible.