How to send an SMS Campaign through Maropost

How to send an SMS Campaign through Maropost

Why are SMS campaigns so important?

SMS Campaigns can be a great strategy to use in conjunction with your email and web marketing. According to statistics, more than 7 billion people use a mobile phone, nearly 90% of the population. And for SMS, nearly 99% of the SMS are opened. SMS has one of the highest open rates and that’s a great opportunity to reach out to your prospects. Using SMS is also more affordable than using other traditional communications channels.

What can I send through SMS campaigns?

SMS in marketing campaigns can be used to send whatever message intended for conversions. Whether you send some special offers and deals, coupons, loyalty program invitations, or notifications, you can use SMS to deliver these messages in a more direct way. 

The advantages of using SMS for your campaigns

Using templates for your email campaigns is a good idea for the simple reason that they save you time. Using a template will speed up the process of sending your campaigns as you won’t have to design and compose the content of your emails over and over again. They also will help your brand to keep consistent as all of your emails will have the same design and structure. You can also categorize and segment your templates so you have a template for frequent use cases. Here are some frequent use cases your templates for:


You can use a template to welcome your contacts when they subscribe to your lists. You only need to change the content a little to fit the style and category of each list on your database.


A templated notification email will make that all of your notification emails remain with the same structure and design. You can use them for sending subscription notifications, password changes, purchase notifications, status of orders, among others.


You may host events very often in your business. Using a template for sending invitations will streamline the process of sending emails for each one. You can also categorize your event emails so each category would have a different look.

Fast response

You can send a templated email for each time you publish a new article or blog post. You can use multiple templates for each topic or category you have on your website. In this way, your newsletter will be consistent, and when recipients see the preview will recognize immediately what the email is about.

Can I launch SMS campaigns through Maropost?

Maropost has a native feature that lets you create and launch your SMS campaigns. In order to start sending your messages, you need to fill a pre-screening assessment that ensures that your campaigns are compliant with the regulations. Once you are authorized, you can start configuring and sending your text messages.

How to configure and send SMS campaigns through Maropost?

Configuring and sending your SMS messages through Maropost is very easy. Follow this steps and you can start launching amazing campaigns:

How to send email campaigns on maropost

1.- Go to your main dashboard and look for the “CAMPAIGNS” tab.

2.- Click on “SMS Campaigns” to open the campaigns management section.

3.- Click on the “COMPOSE YOUR MESSAGE BUTTON” at the upper right.

4.-Give your SMS campaign a name by writing it in the first field.

5.-Compose your SMS message. You can use some contact tags to personalize the message and you can also create and insert some mobile keywords. These last ones will let you interact and perform actions like subscribing your contacts to a list when they text back with the keyword. To configure them click on the keyword button and choose what actions they’ll perform.

6.- Typen in the text phone number for the campaign.

7.- Click “Next”.

Send your Campaign

1.- Choose the contact list to which the campaign will be sent.

2.- You can choose to “SEND NOW” your campaign or you can schedule it to send it at a future date. For this example, we’ll schedule it.

3.- If you choose to send your campaign immediately click on “SEND NOW”. Or if you decide to schedule it click on “SCHEDULE”. You can also choose to save it as a draft so you can finish the configuration later.

That’s how you can start sending your campaigns using Maropost. Remember to keep your messages aligned with the regulations and try to maintain your contacts happy with quality messages. Try not to send spam and only send messages when your contacts have granted you permission to use their phone numbers. Remember that if you need help creating your SMS campaigns we can give you a hand through our managed services. We can also help you with anything related to your Maropost dashboard or marketing strategy overall. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us and we will reach to you as soon as possible.