How to use optimize on open in Maropost

How to use optimize on open in Maropost

What is the optimize on open function in Maropost?

Optimize on open is a function that lets you display a different image on your emails depending on the time it’s been opened. it’s a great way to be more effective with your campaigns. You can use this function to improve your engagement and to save you some email sendings.

How does optimize on open help my campaigns?

You can use an optimize on open whenever you need to have some dynamic images that change based on the date and time. Let’s say you have a promotional campaign for some product offer and you want to start with an initial offer that will be decreasing every day. You would configure an optimize on open so the image that displays the offer will be changing every day.

What is the advantage of using dynamic images for my emails?

By using dynamic images you will be providing your audience relevant content that is up-to-date so they can be sure they’re getting real-time information. This is important when you need to use time-relevant content such as limited-time offers or some special program such as loyalty rewards. This surely will create user engagement and will make your campaigns more efficient.

What is the difference between dynamic content and optimize on open in Maropost?

The difference between the dynamic content and optimize on open relies on what triggers the change of content. Dynamic content is intended to provide different content for the users depending on their characteristics and behaviors. On the other hand, optimize on open, display on open only changes the images depending on the date and time of email opening.

How to use optimize on open in maropost

Using optimize on open in Maropost is very easy, just follow the next steps and you’ll be able to insert dynamic images in all of your email campaigns.

Step 1: Create a new group of images

1.- Go to your main dashboard and look for the “CONTENT” tab.

2.- Click on “Optimize on Open” to create a new group of dynamic images.

3.- Click on the “New Optimize On Open” button to create a new group of images.

4.- Give a name to your new group of images.

5.- You can choose a new default image. This will be the image that will be displayed first when you send the email.

6.- Add the next image that will be displayed once the first image expires.

7.-  For the “Click-through URL” field type in the URL to which the image will link.

8.- Select the expiration date for which the first image will be set to disappear.

9.- Click “Save” to save your new group of images

10.- Note that you can add more than 2 images by clicking on the “+” button between the images. You will have to add an expiry date for each new image that you add.

11.- Once your new group of images has been saved, you will have to take note that some links were generated. You can see them by clicking on the title of the group you just created. These links are the “Image Tag” and the “Click Through Tag”. These are intended to be placed in the HTML code of your email. The first one shall be used on the src attribute of an image tag. The second one would be the link placed in the href attribute of an anchor tag.

Step 2: Insert your images

1.-  Create a new email content by clicking on the “NEW CONTENT” button.

2.- Type in the name of your new content.

3.- Choose the type of editor you want to use for your new content. In this example, we’ll use the “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) editor.

4.- Click “CREATE”.

5.- To be able to use html code in your text editor click on “Source” at the upper right of the text editor.

6.- To insert your image use the following code:

<a href=""><img src=""/> </a>

7.- Copy the “Image Tag” link and paste it inside the quotation marks of the image tag.

8.- Copy the link and paste it inside the quotation marks of the image tag.

9.- Click “Save”. Now you’ll be able to see the first of your group of images.

That’s how you can start using optimize on open in Maropost. We recommend you plan a good sequence for your images to appear at the right moment. You can test your emails sending so you can be sure they are properly set. Also, remember that if you need help using the optimize on open functionality in Maropost we can give you a hand through our managed services. We can also help you with anything related to your Maropost campaigns or marketing strategy overall. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us and we will reach to you as soon as possible.