How to make emails on ActiveCampaign that sell

How to make emails on ActiveCampaign that sell

The evolution of Email Marketing

Email marketing has had a substantial increase in recent years. Little by little, marketers have realized that not all marketing work revolves around social media. But even though it sounds like a simple task, the design and composing of emails is not as easy as it’d look. It’s not like you are only writing a couple of paragraphs and then click send. You’ll need to take into account that if those emails are sent from your server, luckily they may end in their spam folder, most likely they won’t even be received. You’ll need to know some secrets and tricks for your campaigns to be successful. For example, you need to add some DNS records to your domain in order to not be marked as a spammer.

Email marketing is also evolving as technology does. We’d say that email marketing is like the state of the art for increasing customer engagement. Since the boom of artificial intelligence, marketing campaign management has been allowed to focus more on market research and copywriting instead of analysis and compiling data, leaving that part to automation. In this way, the software is responsible for sending the emails and collecting very valuable information like if the email was opened or read. Then there are the Artificial intelligence tools, which help us measure how effective our campaigns are, what needs to be improved, and it also allows us to measure and segment our audience.

Now that we are talking about automation, one of the most powerful software for managing and automating your campaigns, and one that fulfills all of the previous features, is ActiveCampaign, a platform that helps you create automatic flows, through a campaign builder and email that, along with your CRM, will take your campaigns to the next level. ActiveCampaign is one of the preferred software that we work upon, and in this article, we want to give you some tips on how to create emails that sell. Do you want to know them? let’s take a look.

How to make emails that sell

Use a strong Subject line

When you create the subject for your email, try it to be as strong as possible. And by strong, we mean to write something that immediately grabs the attention of your contacts. If your subject is very common or too short, it probably won’t get the user’s attention. We recommend using catchy words, and action words like “Do this” or “Get this”.

Use attractive preview texts

The preview text is as equally important as the strong subject. The preview text is the last chance for your email to be read, so just as the strong subject, it has to make an impact. You can use the first line of your email if that line is relevant but if it’s not, better avoid using it and write something that will grab the attention of your readers.

Personalize your texts

Personalizing your email makes a bigger impact than sending emails addressed to a broad audience. It’s like someone speaking your name rather than saying “hey you”. The first one will definitely grab your attention while the second one you probably may choose to ignore. Combine it with friendly words and this will increase contacts’ trust in you.

Try not to be spammy

One thing that customers certainly hate is junk emails. Sending a lot of emails is not equal to sending quality emails. If you want to send multiple emails, it better be for something that is useful or needed by your audience. If you send a lot of emails that don’t add value or are not important for your customers, that will likely make them want to unsubscribe to your lists.

Build a solid reputation

Try to send something that when your customers see the notification about your email they paint a smile on their faces, knowing that that email is useful or it contains exciting information. This is complementary to not sending spam emails, so you only send quality and strictly necessary emails. This will build a solid reputation for you as a business that only sends emails when the contacts really want it. This applies to all types of marketing emails, even offerings and abandonment cars. You won’t send an offering to a customer for a product they are not interested in. When you are designing and copywriting your email, try to use only relevant elements and text for your readers.

Use different weights for relevant words

Some milliseconds and your readers decide whether the information you are sending to them is relevant to them or not. When you are writing the copy for your email, be sure to catch those words which are more important and use a different size and weight for those words. This will attract the eye of the readers to that word, and if it’s relevant they will likely read the rest of the text. If it’s not relevant they’ll simply abort the reading. For that reason, it’s important that those words are relevant to both the reader and the rest of your copywriting.

Keep it simple

Have you heard about the Mies Van der Rohe phrase that says “Less is more”? Well, that applies to your emails as well. Try to use only the necessary words and elements that will fulfill the purpose of your email. Don’t over-saturate it with tons of images and buttons, that will distract the attention of your recipients.

Use quality code

If your email design is using HTML, try it to be as simple as possible. Use tables and inline styles. Also bear in mind that not all email clients are responsive, so don’t try to add too many breakpoints. Try your text to be as readable as possible for most devices with no more than 3 breakpoints. Another super important tip is to not use javascript.

Import our custom templates

Our Custom templates

As certified partners, we love using ActiveCampaign. That also motivate us to provide you with some added value for your campaigns. That’s why we developed some custom templates so you can make use of them to improve your campaigns and automations. In this tutorial we are going to show you how you can make use of them.

First of all, you’ll need to download  our templates by importing a recipe. This recipe isn’t meant for automation but as a way to import the templates so you can use them for your sending actions.

1.- To import the recipe, click on this link, and click on “Import recipe”. This will import the recipe into your ActiveCampaign dashboard so you can start using it in automations.

2.- The click on the “Automations” tab on your ActiveCampaign dashboard.

3.- Click on “Create an automation”.

4.- It will display the recipes menu. You can see your imported recipes at the “Purchased” tab. Click on it and look for the “Basic Email Campaign Pack” recipe. Click “Continue”.

5.- It will show you the templates as sending action emails. There you can see the templates for frequent use cases and use it in your custom automations.

Improve your email Campaigns

We hope that both the tips and the templates will help you make your email campaigns more successful and the design and composing of your emails be better and better. We also remind you that in DigitalME we can help you implement a good email marketing strategy, through our ActiveCampaign managed service. Contact us now so we can give you advice on what you need for your business. You will get 24/7 Support, fully automated email sequences, customized branded emails, and custom API syncs.