How to integrate Stripe into Maropost

How to integrate Stripe into Maropost

What is Maropost?

Maropost is an email marketing and eCommerce platform that offers automation and management services for your email marketing and eCommerce business. It also allows you to create and import your contact database so you can control all parts of your marketing strategy from a single platform. Maropost was launched in the year 2011, first as an email service provider. Since then, Maropost has expanded its catalog of services to marketing automation and sales. The difference between Maropost and other marketing and eCommerce platforms is that Maropost integrates all stages of a sales flow on a single platform.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the most popular payment processors in the world. It was founded by Irish brothers Patrick and John Collison in 2010. Stripe work as an intermediary software between merchants and buyers. First, the buyer makes a purchase through the web app and uses Stripe as the payment gateway. Stripe is in charge of processing the payment from a debit or credit card, or mobile wallets and makes sure the transaction is not fraudulent. After the transaction has been processed, the merchant receives the money from the transaction. The advantage of using Stripe is that while is processing the payment it acts as the merchant during the transaction. The merchant who is selling the goods acts as a sub-merchant which means it doesn’t need to apply for a merchant account.

What are the advantages of using Stripe with Maropost?

Using Stripe as your payment processor has multiple advantages over other payments gateways and processors. For example, by using Stripe you can process all of your payments directly on your website, so that means that when customers are at checkout they won’t be redirected to another domain to finish the payment. Other upper hands about using Stripe are:

✓ Almost immediate activation. You only need to provide some information about your business and bank account.
✓ There are no monthly or yearly fees. You only get charged a percentage commission for each transaction.
✓ You can set recurring and subscription payments. You can give your customers the option of paying month to month to keep a subscription or service.
✓ High compatibility and integration. Stripe lets you set up their payment gateway with ease, it is well documented and has multiple integrations with major and some small eCommerce platforms.
✓ No extra charges or fees for refunds. If a customer asks for a refund, the amount of the refund will be equal to the payment made. There will not be extra charges for the customer or the merchant.

How to use Stripe with Maropost Commerce ?

You can choose to use Stripe to be the credit card payment processor for your Maropost eCommerce account. In this way, you’ll be collecting payments from your customers using Stripe. Using Maropost native integration with Stripe you can use the widgets menu to display data from the payments and a link to your Stripe account to view more details. You can see how to configure your Stripe account with your Maropost Commerce account at this link

Why connect Stripe with Maropost Marketing ?

There are many reasons why you would want to integrate your Stripe account with your Maropost Marketing Cloud account, being data the most important one. Let’s say you are collecting some payments through Stripe (not necessarily using Maropost Commerce Cloud). There you ask your users if they want to receive promotional data. You may want to set some journeys on Maropost Marketing Cloud from the data obtained through stripe, like creating or updating your contacts.

How to use Stripe with Maropost Marketing Cloud?

Currently, there are 2 ways you can connect your Maropost Marketing Cloud account with your Stripe account, both of them are paid. The only shortcut and “free method” would be connecting your Maropost Marketing and eCommerce accounts and choosing Stripe as your payment processor.

LeadsBridge is a great platform that lets you connect the most popular lead generation platforms and software solutions between them and with other productivity and marketing apps. The good news is they include Maropost Marketing Cloud and Stripe as well. The connection lets you configure some triggers so when something happens in your Stripe account, you update your database in Maropost. is a powerful automation platform that allows businesses to automate and connect their cloud tools used day-to-day. They allow connecting and automating processes of many popular apps and platforms, including Stripe and Maropost. You can connect both of them by using This will help you update and trigger actions within Maropost.

Improve your eCommerce business

That’s how you can use Stripe with your Maropost Marketing and Commerce accounts. By using Stripe you can be sure that your payments will be processed with a highly reliable company. It will give your eCommerce business a better prestige as your customers will be sure that their payment data is safe. By using Maropost you can be sure you have one of the best marketing and automation solutions. Remember that if you need help setting Stripe as your payment method within Maropost eCommerce, or connecting your Stripe account with Maropost Marketing, we can help you here at DigitalME. We can also give you advice or help you with your marketing strategies and automations. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll reach to you as soon as possible.