HubSpot Custom Dashboard

Do you want to customize your hubspot dashboard?

Hubspot comes with many predefined tools to help you organize your dashboard better, but these tools have a broad focus. It may be that you need a specific metric that isn’t showing in HubSpot’s native tools .Our panel of experts has a multidisciplinary approach that includes highly talented developers specialized in HubSpot so we can build a tailored dashboard with custom widgets specific to your business needs.

Reduce the steep learning curve

Don’t worry about trying to cover all of HubSpot’s technical features, they are so extensive that your team won’t end up exploring them all unless they want to enroll in training. Leave that part to a team of professionals who will do all the tedious work for you, and you will discover how your CRM begins to be truly effective as if it was magic.

Be more efficient

Get your inbound marketing and sales data in a well organized, easy to read dashboard panel, according to your goals and make your teams more efficient and focused on their scale operations, while your CRM gets you a clear insight into potential sales.

Having a custom CRM dashboard will give you a competitive advantage as you and your team will be able to to get conversions faster and more efficient.

In-depth metrics

Little things matter, right? A small error in analysis can cause a big company to lose millions of dollars overnight. We are aware of the need to measure things on a microscopic scale. You won’t have to worry anymore about those KPI’s that were keeping you awake at night, we can help you track your operations as carefully and in depth as necessary and make the analytics fit within the framework of your computer. In a certain way, we are scientists too.

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Know your customers better

With one of the most powerful CRMs optimization capabilities

Work smarter

By letting the experts handle the technical operations

get full control

Of your business data by using the best optimization practices in HubSpot

Boost your sales

With our meticulously handcrafted managed services

Go beyond

Customize your HubSpot dashboard so it will provide performance insights only relevant to you and your teams

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