How to fix your deliverability on Maropost

How to fix your deliverability on Maropost

Email Deliverability in Marketing

Email deliverability is one of the key factors determining if your email campaigns are going to be successful or not. According to statistics, approximately 75% of the commercial emails actually land in the inbox of recipients. There are multiple factors involved in email deliverability rates, some of them are more technical like the IP being blocked or the DNS record of the domain not configured properly. Others refer more to the composing and design of the emails. It is highly recommended to review all the factors involved in your email deliverability rate. It’s almost impossible to make sure that 100% of your emails are received, but maintaining it as closest as possible to that figure will certainly make your campaigns more efficient.

Factors involved in email deliverability

• The quality of your ISP. Some ISP’s have configurations conflicts that can avoid sending bulk emails. The IP being blocked, for example, will make your email to be blocked as well.

• Domain policies and protocols. Using SPF and DKIM records for your domain it’s like letting know the recipients that you own the domain you are sending emails from and you are responsible for the content in those emails. 

•The reputation of the sender. If your contacts mark your emails as spam too many times, or if the quality of those emails is perceived as spammy, your bounce rate will increase.

• Poor email list. If you have email addresses on your lists that are no longer in use or no longer exist, your email sending will be treated as poorly handled. It’s highly recommended to clean your email lists every so often.

• Your email design. If your email design is not good quality your audience will stop opening them. Using clean code and keeping the design simple will improve your email perception.

• Structure. A badly-structured email will decrease your contacts’ engagement with your content, as they prefer not to read them. This will affect your reputation as well. It’s recommended to keep it clean and readable, and not oversaturate them with text.

improve your email deliverability rate

You can increase your email deliverability rate by using the advanced Maropost capabilities. If you don’t know Maropost yet, Maropost is a powerful cloud automation platform that helps you manage and launch your email marketing campaigns. With Maropost you can connect your contact database so you will have access to each table and field inside it. You can also combine Maropost with email validation platforms like Zerobounce to improve your deliverability. Here are some of the most useful capabilities in Maropost that will improve your email deliverability:

Double opt-in

You can avoid having dubious contacts on your list by using the Maropost acquisitions forms and builder. You can trigger automations for sending confirmation and thank you emails.

A/B Testing

Within Maropost you can test how well you are getting on by using the A/B testing for each one of your emails. This will ensure that your emails are well- perceived since the beginning by sending emails only with quality content.

List cleaning tool

Maropost helps you maintain your email lists clean by using its native cleaning tool. You just need to configure the rules for the cleaning of each of your lists and Maropost will do the job for you.

Email Builder

You can send the perfect email for your audience by using Maropost’s advanced content creation capabilities. Its email builder lets you create the content for your email by using the drag and drop builder, a WYSIWYG editor, HTML or you can even pull the content from a URL. You can also use prebuilt templates.


One of the most unique features you get with Maropost is personalization. You can create dynamic content for your audience so that each receives relevant and special information. This will improve the audience engagement with your content and will decrease your email bounce rate.


You can use the Maropost email tracking service to know if your emails were read or not. Then you will have the data available so you can know what content your audiences like and what it’s preferable to avoid.

Journey Builder

You can take advantage of Maropost journey builder. By combining all of the previous tools and capabilities, planning and setting journeys oriented to increase your email deliverability. Maropost it’s super flexible with your data handling, so you can take all of that in favor of your campaigns.

Improve your marketing campaigns

This is just a small sample of Maropost’s capacity to improve your email marketing campaigns, and your marketing strategy overall. If you are interested in Maropost you can request them a demo, there you’ll have a general overview of all the advanced functionalities they provide. We can also help you improve your email deliverability, give you some advice regarding your marketing improvement, and implement your strategies by using Maropost or other software. If you are interested check our managed services and fill out the contact form so we reach out to you as soon as possible.