How to use Dynamic Content on Maropost

How to use Dynamic Content on Maropost

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content refers to the personalization of the elements provided on a communication channel. This with the objective of creating a more personal experience for the users. As a result, you can get more engagement and conversions. When you use dynamic content, the user interacting with your channel receives custom data based on their characteristics and behavior. For example, you have multiple visitors from Sydney that visit your site, you will show to those users specific elements that refer to that City. Then you have a visitor from London, so you provide London based-content to that specific user. You can have multiple conditions for your dynamic content, not only location-based.  You can show dynamic content from the behavioral data you have from your contacts. For example, you send a single email showing different products for each contact depending on the product pages they visit the most.

The importance of Dynamic Content

Using dynamic content is very important to establish a more personal connection with your audience. It allows you to increase your engagement, boost your click-through rate, convert your leads faster and attract new prospects. Dynamic content lets you create a more pleasant experience for your users since you provide content that is relevant to them. Therefore, they are more likely to open your emails, visit your website, read your messages and answer your calls. Creating dynamic content is one of the most effective methods used in inbound marketing to boost sales.

Create Dynamic Content With Maropost

Maropost lets you create dynamic content for your email campaigns. You can use its powerful editor to configure rules for each content you want to send. In other words, you can create multiple contents for a single email based on more than one rule. Then you can insert the dynamic content in your email campaigns. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can create a new dynamic content and how you can use it in the email editor. Remember that you need to have a Marketing Cloud account created in order to be able to use the dynamic content editor. If you still don’t have a Marketing account you can sign up at this link, or you can book a demo to try Maropost functionalities.

Step 1

1.- When you’re logged in to your Maropost Cloud dashboard, click on the ”Content” dropdown on the main menu.

2.-  Select the “Dynamic Content” option.

3.- When you have Dynamic content created, you’ll see it listed on that screen. To create a new dynamic content click on the “New Dynamic Content” button at the upper right of your screen.

4.- Type in a name for your dynamic content. Make sure is related to the primary content you want to create. This will make it easier to recognize it when you need to insert it.

5.- You’ll see two editor boxes. The first one is for your original content and the second one for the first rule for dynamic content. Use the first one that will show for unfiltered contacts, let’s say this is the general content. Use the text editor to insert the text and elements you require. In this example, we want to offer a free course of leads magnet for the general public.

6.- The second box is for the first rule that applies to your dynamic content. Use this to refine your content so it shows personalized content for those segments you want to send a custom email to. In this example, we want to show special content for those users in London

7.- When you’re done creating your content click “Save”.

Step 2

To insert dynamic content you use the text editor where you are creating your content. In this case, we’re going to insert our content using the WYSIWYG email builder.

1.- Go to your main dashboard and click on the “Email Content” element inside the “CONTENT” dropdown. 

2.- Click on the “NEW CONTENT” button. Give a name for your content and click “CREATE”. Choose the WYSIWYG editor.

3.-You can use a template for your content or you can start one from scratch by using the Blank Template. Click on “CREATE”.

4.-Once the editor is loaded, look for the dynamic areas option to insert the dynamic content you just created. You can type in and insert the remaining content for your email. Once it’s finished, click on the “Save” button.

5.-You’ll be redirected to the content preview screen. Check that your dynamic content is properly set by selecting the preview for each segment. If everything is ok, click on the “Send Campaign” button.

Send your campaign

6.- Fill in the details for your campaign. You can also choose a campaign tag. Click “NEXT”.

7.- Select the contacts to which your campaign will be sent. You can also suppress contacts so the campaign won’t be sent to those users. Click “NEXT”.

8.- You can render the last preview for your content. If everything is correct, click on spam check. Maropost will check your content looking for spammy content. If it doesn’t find any you are good to go.

9.- Then you can schedule your campaign. Choose a date for sending your campaign.

10.- You can also send a test email to see how well your campaign performs.

19.- Click “REVIEW” to review the details of your campaign.

20.- If you want to start your campaign immediately click “SEND”. Or if you are planning to schedule it, click “SCHEDULE”.

That’s how you can start sending emails with dynamic content to your contacts. This will allow you to increase your engagement and boost your sales. Remember that if you need help creating your content, we can help you with that and with all issues related to your email campaigns. We can also give you some advice and help you on each stage of your digital marketing strategy through our managed services. If you’re interested don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll reach to you as soon as possible.