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Welcome to our exclusive ActiveCampaign Referral Program, your gateway to unlimited earning potential. By becoming an affiliate with us, you open the doors to your own passive income stream. It’s a win-win situation – your referrals enjoy substantial savings, and you earn $35 for every successful sale, which occurs once they’ve been with us for 3 months. Join us and start building your income effortlessly while providing an excellent solution to your network’s marketing needs.

Why Join Our ActiveCampaign Referral Program?

Boost Your Earnings

By becoming an affiliate, you’re not merely referring a product – you’re unlocking a pathway to boosting your earnings. With every successful referral, you’ll watch your income grow. Imagine what you can achieve when your network realizes the value of ActiveCampaign and signs up through your referral link.

Strengthen Your Reputation

Associating yourself with ActiveCampaign and our referral program enhances your professional reputation. You become a trusted source of marketing solutions, helping your audience make informed decisions about their email marketing needs. Your reputation as a go-to resource for marketing tools and expertise will only flourish.

Unlock $35 Earnings Per Referral by Becoming a DigitalME Affiliate!

Join the elite circle of success as a DigitalME Affiliate and seize the opportunity to earn $35 for every successful referral. Your journey with us means more than just unlocking a lucrative income stream – it’s about empowerment. With our unparalleled support, cutting-edge tools, and a stellar product like ActiveCampaign, you’ll not only provide your network with a top-notch marketing solution but also secure a consistent flow of earnings.

How to become a DigitalME Affiliate ?

1. Fill in the form

Start your journey as an affiliate by completing the provided form below. We'll need some basic information from you to get started. Your details will remain confidential, and we'll use them to set up your affiliate account.

2. Generate Your Unique Link

Once you fill in the form, a UTM link will be generated. This personalized link is your key to tracking referrals and commissions, ensuring you receive credit for every successful signup.

3. Copy Your Link and Store it

After generating your UTM link, make sure to copy it and securely save it for easy access. This link is your lifeline to earning commissions, so keeping it safe and organized is essential.

Start Sharing with Your Friends

Utilize your website, blog, social media platforms, email newsletters, or any other channel you prefer to introduce ActiveCampaign to your contacts. The more you share, the more you can potentially earn!

Start your affiliate journey now!

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