How to Improve Your Business Using Marapost

how to improve your business using Marapost
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Business during Pandemic

Without question, the two years after the pandemic began have been very challenging in every way – and the way of doing business is no exception.

According to a survey conducted by the world economic forum for its report “The Future of Jobs Report 2020”, 43% of the businesses interviewed were thinking of reducing their workforce due to technological integration.

Many studies suggest that by 2030 automation will have a considerable presence in the workplace, reducing human labor. And this is not only due to the effects of the pandemic but also in part to several technological advances in various fields such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics. These have given way to automation having its moment of bonanza.

Several studies also point out that the future looks more and more contactless. It is a trend that has acquired much more power with the pandemic. And this is more than evident; we have seen how the home office has been implemented by a large part of the businesses worldwide. For example they’ve implemented meetings through Google Meets or via Zoom, payments in self-service stores are now made through cell phones replacing physical cards and (of course) cash payments.

 Also, interactions through message apps and through social networks have experienced an exponential increase. I could spend all day enumerating how the pandemic has completely changed the way we interact. Most importantly, how technology has been our great ally in continuing operating in times of adversity.

Business Reinvention

And of course, like everything that has advantages, technology also has had its outs during the pandemic. Spending so much time indoors and the excessive use of technological devices has also risen levels of anxiety in people. According to The Lancet, the reports of mental disorders related to anxiety increased around 30% since the start of COVID-19.

But that shouldn’t be a reason to demerit all the benefits that new technologies have brought to us. Just thinking that a few years ago it would’ve been impossible to move jobs to the online modality, makes you realize that technology has truly been the salvation for many businesses, not to mention for health services.

As a result, we see how many businesses have been very adept at reshaping their business model in favor of the “new normal”. Either through updating their ways of operating or the way they offer their products. According to UNCTAD, retail e-commerce businesses had a substantial increase during the pandemic, due to mobility restrictions.

Therefore, this caused businesses keener to invest in the online business modality. That, in turn, focused the attention on implementing more effective sales strategies, resorting to automation tools. And this is what my article is about, about a lofty cloud platform for the automation of sales, which without a doubt is something that’s more current than ever and with a future as clear as crystal.

Maropost as your change agent

Maropost was founded by Ross Andrew there by the year 2011, initially as an email service provider. One of the peculiarities about Maropost is that it’s been recognized as the only ESP that has grown at an Enterprise without the help of Venture capitalist investors.

That in part is due to the exceptional way that their products are crafted, always built around delivering customer-centered experiences. And that’s where many other software solutions providers fail, in not understanding the full needs and context in which their customers interact with their products.

Since its beginnings, Maropost has evolved its solutions to deliver a unified platform that provides a complete system capable of automating each stage on a sales pipeline and beyond, from brand awareness to customers follow-ups. You can literally build a full business around Maropost capabilities. Their two solutions that can make this possible are their Marketing Cloud and eCommerce Cloud. These two suit the needs of literally any kind of business.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is all about the marketing part of your business. It lets you build a contact list or import an existing one. One of the things that I like about Maropost it’s its versatility when manipulating your databases. They literally give you full control of your tables and fields. If you have a business that has a lot of “custom” fields, with Maropost you can create workflows around those fields if needed.

So let’s get back to automation. Within Marketing Cloud, you can automate your marketing part at each stage. And that with the objective of sending e-mail campaigns, notifications through SMS, and messaging through social media. You also get reporting data during the full process, ensuring you can take a step back if something isn’t working. 

You can even make tests for your campaigns to see which one will perform better. The best part of their automation builder it’s that it lets you set very-specific custom triggers and actions. 

For example, if certain users perform an action on a page in your website, you can deliver special content that will show specifically to them and not to other users. That’s taking automation to another level: customer-centered. It doesn’t matter how complex your sales flows can be, with Maropost you can manage them.

Ecommerce Cloud

By using the other solutions, such as eCommerce cloud, you can start offering your products and services through a solid platform that covers all the functionalities needed to run an ecommerce business. If you have previously tried other e-commerce platforms you might know that you have to rely on third-party services in order to fill in the gaps to make your sales process fully operative.

You probably got frustrated when realizing that your platform didn’t let you have full control over your communications with customers. By combining Maropost eCommerce and marketing clouds, you’ll have all the control you need, even for your eBay and Amazon stores. You’ll be in charge of your inventory, orders, and fulfillment, your email campaigns for your leads and customers and also provide personal support for those users who need it.

Ease of use

If steep learning curves scare you, you don’t have to worry about that with Maropost. Once you understand how the data is structured and how it works in conjunction with your database, building automation, and emails will be a piece of cake. Really, Maropost has one of the cleanest interfaces on the market. You don’t have to be a marketing scientist to be able to implement it into your business.


Whether you are an adventurous entrepreneur looking to make front to next year’s challenges related to the “new normal”, or you are a consolidated business owner who is looking to make a turnaround for your sales and marketing strategy, don’t be afraid to take a look at Maropost and its powerful automation capabilities.

Currently, Maropost has some heavy-weight customers that validate the effectiveness of their platform.  Some of the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Wenner Media, so you can have an idea of how brilliant their solution is, and how far your business can get. I’d say, as Robert Frost said “The only way around is through”, thinking about automation as the through.

“The only way around is through”

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Ross Jenkins

Ross Jenkins

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