5 Ways you can gain new marketing skills with E-Learning

5 Ways you can gain new marketing skills with E-Learning
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Over the past 20 years, learning has been re-invented thanks to new technologies such as broadband, cloud computing, and more recently, virtual reality. These technologies have opened the doors to innovate our way of learning. Thanks to that, we’ve been able to be more efficient in our jobs and in fulfilling our desires for accomplishment. 

Breaking the barriers

E-learning has come to break the barriers traditional learning was confined by. For example, it allows you to learn at your own pace and style, rather than having to adapt to a schedule. It also allows us to break distance barriers by enrolling in courses created by experts from thousands of miles away.

That’s part of the reason why the E-Learning system has been adopted by many universities around the world (even before the pandemic started).

And this is just the beginning. According to some predictions, the future awaiting learning and education goes beyond our current comprehension. Just imagine being able to use a device that lets you download some special skills that you only see in rare cases.

For example, having the possibility to learn Steve Jobs’ leadership or Elon Musk’s analytical thinking. Undeniably, the future is something that you have only witnessed in movies or science fiction books. It’s a little fascinating and scary at the same time.

How E-Learning can gain you some new skills

But placing ourselves in the present, there are many things you can gain through E-Learning that might not make you the next Steve Jobs (who knows?), but they will make your marketing life more efficient.

But placing ourselves in the present, there are many things you can gain through E-Learning that might not make you the next Steve Jobs (who knows?), but they will make your marketing life more efficient.

1. Defining your goals faster

When you want to gain some new marketing skills you’ll have many options at your disposal at the same time: a course offered by a prestigious university, the training offered by a marketing expert, and the courses imparted by a professor. All of them promise to be the perfect choice for every beginner and experienced marketer, but are they?

By starting your E-Learning journey you get to respond to the questions every marketing student has during their learning period:  “Why do I want to learn marketing?”  “What do I wish to learn?” and the more crucial one: “Is it something that I get to learn by taking a 4-year bachelor’s degree or is it something that I can learn from a 2 hours tutorial on YouTube?”

 Having so many options at your disposal allows you to get an answer faster since you will have more options for discerning what you want to achieve.

2. Learning from experts around the world

By taking some online educational programs, you’ll be able to learn from very experienced people not only from your country but around the world. This will make your learning experience not only more complete but more culturally enriched

Also, you’ll have more chances to find a mentor/teacher that adapts better to your learning needs. There are many specialized marketing professionals sharing their knowledge through E-Learning and their courses/training are not as expensive. Many of which you can find on myskillcamp.

3. Learning from here and there

E-Learning also gives you the opportunity to acquire knowledge from multiple sources. For example, you can enroll in a course related to a specific marketing matter such as Social media campaigns, or Google ads.

Then you could complement that course with some tutorials from other sources such as YouTube. For example, tutorials on “how to manage Facebook campaigns” or “how to optimize my Google ads campaigns”.

4. Getting a remote Job

E-Learning also opens you the doors to get some online jobs. There are hundreds of people looking to get some very specific tasks done that don’t even require a marketing degree or certification. For example, google ads specialists, social media managers, or email copywriters.

 You can learn to perform some of these tasks by taking some online courses and even watching some tutorials. Then you can advertise your services on a freelance platform such as Upwork or Fiverr. This undeniably will expand your marketing skills, since you’ll be practicing what you’ve learned.

5. Expanding your current knowledge (upskilling)

Those who are already digital marketers or who have worked on the subject can expand their knowledge by taking digital training. This is very beneficial for both those who are working independently (as freelancers), or for a company. E-Learning also allows you to stay up-to-date on your already-acquired skills.

 This can be beneficial to software skills since the software is constantly evolving, and previously learned skills can become obsolete. We Digital Marketers need to be evolving ourselves to keep delivering relevant solutions.

The E-Learning era

E-Learning is a great choice for those that want to start learning something new or for those that just need to polish their current skills. During my career, I’ve gotten to know highly valuable people that have forged their marketing careers only through E-Learning.

Some of them are very successful freelancers on Upwork. You would think they come from the most prestigious universities in the world but they don’t, some of them forged their knowledge by taking some courses offered by Coursera or Udemy – both available in one place, myskillcamp. E-Learning is, without a doubt, something that is revolutionizing our way of learning by bringing knowledge to all places and reducing the educational gap between the countries.

In DigitalME, we believe in E-Learning as an agent of change. Many of the services we provide rely on E-Learning as a service. We help you to better understand the tools we use through webinars and knowledge base articles. Also, we provide tutorials on every subject related to Digital Universe.

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Ross Jenkins

Ross Jenkins

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