How to build a landing page in Maropost

Introducing ActiveFlow

Once the plugin is installed, each time a customer makes a purchase, ActiveFlow will seamlessly integrate with ActiveCampaign, automatically updating or adding contacts and applying tags for each product bought.

ActiveFlow can also track and maintain a comprehensive record of each customer’s spending on your website, offering insights into their purchasing behavior over time.

Moreover, ActiveFlow enhances customer support efficiency by appending a note to the contact in ActiveCampaign, complete with a link back to the corresponding order in ActiveFlow, streamlining support processes.

Tags are intelligently generated and appended in ActiveCampaign based on the product’s SKU or category in ActiveFlow. If you’ve already configured SKUs and product categories, simply input your API details, and let ActiveFlow handle the rest effortlessly.

Introducing Ecommerce Reporting: Monitor Email Revenue Effectively

Ever wondered about the revenue generated by each email you send? ActiveFlow offers insights to answer that question.

Unlock 12 Abandoned Cart Email Templates for Immediate Use

With more than 75% of online shoppers abandoning their carts, re-engage them and convert sales using abandoned cart emails.

Discover 8 Fresh Automation Workflows Tailored for Comprehensive Ecommerce Integrations

Whether you’re transitioning to a new platform or initiating your ecommerce journey, ActiveFlow provides personalized automation workflows to streamline your operations.