How to tag contacts according to video watching behavior on ActiveCampaign

How to tag contacts according to video watching behavior on ActiveCampaign

Want to track your marketing videos?

Are your marketing campaigns based on quality video production? Are you using ActiveCampaign as part of your inbound marketing strategy? Would you like to follow all the contacts who have already watched your recent youtube video? Well, there is a unique tool for that. It’s called AC Video Tracker, and it works like magic.

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a tool that lets you launch and manage email marketing campaigns with ease. Its versatility allows it to create and perform advanced marketing strategies depending on your communication channels. It also includes a sales CRM to control your sales and relationships with your customers. And if that wasn’t enough, it also integrates perfectly with known third-party tools like Zendesk and Calendly, even with your website. You can install the AC Video Tracker on your WordPress website and share the data from your videos to your ActiveCampaign account.

How can I integrate video into my email marketing campaigns?

As you probably know, ActiveCampaign also connects to your website, allowing you to track every contact who interacts with it. This way, you can see if they’re interested in your products, what content is more engaging to them and what they like. Its powerful features make ActiveCampaign one of the best marketing and automation software. Place some links on your emails and put ActiveCampaign to work; It’ll know exactly whose contacts clicked on that link and how their behavior was, the pages they visited, etc. AC Video Tracker uses the same process, but it tracks user interaction with your videos. For example, you can know how much of a video a user watched and tag it accordingly.

How can I connect my website videos to ActiveCampaign?

AC Video Tracker is a paid tool, but it will do the job for you. By integrating it natively into your WordPress site, you’d be able to perform operations based on your video interactions. For instance, you could set an automation that tags the contacts who watched your youtube or Vimeo video and gives them some special treatment, like sending them an offering or promotion. Or you can perform more advanced operations like segmenting contacts depending on how much they watch a video.

How much does it cost to track my video channels with ActiveCampaign?

The AC Video Tracker costs $67 for an individual license for up to 5 domains. This is a one-time fee, meaning you don’t have to pay a subscription to use it. If you need them to install the plugin for you it’ll cost you an extra $97.

Is there any other way to track my website videos?

Yes, you can, but you would require some coding knowledge to track video events on your website. This method uses javascript to record all of the events (including video) on your website and then send them to ActiveCampaign. It’s highly recommended to hire a developer or expert for this approach. Other methods for achieving this include Zapier and Wisita, but AC Video Tracker is the best option until now.

How to track users who watch my videos?

AC Video Tracker

1.- First, visit the website of the plugin.

2.- Click on “Click Here to Get Instant Access”.

3.- Bear in mind there will be two available prices; One for the plugin itself and another for installing the software.

4.- You can uncheck the “Install AC Video Tracker For Me” option if you want to install the plugin on your own.

5.- Complete the order, and you should get a link with the installation files of the plugin.

6.- Install the plugin on your WordPress site by uploading the installation files.

7.- Activate the plugin.

8.- Paste in the Url from your AC account to synchronize your contacts.

9.- The plugin will work on all pages and posts.

Need more Help?

At DigitalME, we offer fully managed services for your marketing strategies and tools, including ActiveCampaign. If you need help with your AC Video Tracker integration or want to explore other alternatives for tracking your video content campaigns, you can get in touch. If it interests you, you can click on the button, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.