How to use ActiveCampaign for a Supercar rental business

How to use ActiveCampaign for a Supercar rental business

The Exotic Car Rental Market

The supercar rental business can be intimidating for those who have no previous experience with car rentals. For those who already have a supercar rental agency up and running, you probably know that it is a business that involves risk and a lot of marketing skills to promote and make it stand out from the rest.

When well managed, it can be a very profitable business. The downside is it requires spending a lot of time in marketing, social media, specialized web platforms, advertising and listing. However, there are 2 channels that are probably underrated: email marketing and text messages. 

These 2 tools along with your website and your social networks can become your flagship strategy for promoting your cars:

Firstly, It will help you get closer to your target audience and take the rental process to a more personal field.

Secondly, It will allow your communications to be bidirectional instead of being one-way.

However, the use of these tools can become frustrating if you don’t have previous experience or don’t have the necessary tools to carry it out efficiently. To clarify, you must plan how to send your emails, learn how to properly compose them, have a contact list, know if the emails were delivered, if they were read, and keep track of each routine you do. It’s a task that can be tedious, repetitive, or kinda boring, right? Well not so much, you can automate these tasks.


One functionality that has become a must-have when sending marketing emails and text messages, is the automation of marketing communication. And you are probably thinking, “well the emails are sent by Google when I click send and it does it automatically so you are probably right”. Well, it’s not like that. When we refer to automation of the process we mean to automate as many routines as possible. In other words, that you intervene as little as possible to concentrate more on support and administrative tasks.

That’s the main purpose of ActiveCampaign, a software platform that allows you to manage your email marketing campaigns automatically. And although it was initially designed as an email marketing manager, it also includes the automation of SMS. Moreover, it integrates perfectly with your website, in addition to having a CRM. Therefore, you have access to all the data related to your contact list to make your sales pipeline more effective.

Great User Experience

One of the key factors that determine the success or failure of any business is the user experience. You can have the best product or service, promote it in as many media as possible, but if the user experience is bad quality, the experience that surrounds your product is devalued as well as the perception about you as a seller. Renting a supercar can be intimidating for your target audience. After all, most people who rent these cars do it on a special date. They do it to celebrate a birthday, take their wife for a ride on their wedding anniversary, or simply because they wanted to drive a Lamborghini all their lives. They hope to have a reliable service that encourages them to rent the car and know that it was a great investment.

Here are some strategies that can improve your user experience and make your business profitable. You can use ActiveCampaign to automate them and make them work. To clarify, some are part of lead nurturing strategies, which consist of establishing relationships with prospects to streamline sales pipelines.

Lead Capture forms

One of the ways in which you can take advantage of using a tool like ActiveCampaign. Use this to capture the contact information of prospects on your website. After that, trigger some automations like sending them emails with information related to your business. For example, let them know that it will be a safe investment, the cars you offer for rental, testimonials of satisfied customers, etc. When they are hooked, you can take that to more personal communication, through a phone call, or inviting them to visit your location.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an excellent tool to retain customers, generate new leads, and increase your sales/rentals. In the same vein, they help to generate an emotional bond with your business through loyalty rewards.

In the supercar business, you can reward those frequent customers who have shown trust in your services. For example, offer some exclusive benefits such as the privilege of being the first in line for booking a car rental, a free rental after x amount of rentals, special coupons, or discounts on birthdays. Automate this process with ActiveCampaign, by creating campaigns that automatically tag those contacts that are considered the most loyal customers.

Lead Magnet

The lead magnet consists of providing free content to your clients, which awakens the interest of your users in your products/services. You can apply this to the supercar rental market through free content that relates to your collection of cars. For instance, a great strategy would be to have a form on your website where ask your customers their cars of interest. After that, you can set an automation, mailing them with content related to those cars. As a result, whenever the customer thinks about the rental of that vehicle, your business is the first that comes to their mind.

Customer Support

Something that customers expect when renting a car is that they can have some kind of support in case something goes wrong. For example, if a tire goes flat, they expect to have your help. You can take advantage of the automation on ActiveCampaign through the use of text messaging such as SMS or WhatsApp. For example, you can trigger certain actions when the vehicle rental starts, like sending a message to your customer to notify that the communication channel will be open for attending to all kinds of situations.

Long-term Customer Relationship

Once the first rental of one of your cars has been completed, a good strategy is to create a long-term relationship with that customer, by sending information that will lead them towards a new conversion. Moreover, you can send them a form to provide feedback, the experience they had, and how you can improve it. Later on, you send automated emails with information related to some other car that arouses interest in your services again.

Start your Exotic Car rental business Now

With ActiveCampaign, the opportunities to make your business successful are endless. Whether you are someone with previous experience in email marketing or someone who knows nothing about it, with ActiveCampaign you can bring any type of business to life. Let us help you implement your strategies for the rental of your exotic cars, through our managed services for ActiveCampaign, come inside and see what they include and if you are interested, do not hesitate to leave us your contact information, in order to schedule a call.