How to integrate your social media With ActiveCampaign

How to integrate your social media With ActiveCampaign

Connecting ActiveCampaign to social media

Is your business marketing using social media? Would you like to be able to connect all of your marketing communication channels and synchronize data from one to another? Well, it’s something that ActiveCampaign has been perfecting over time, and it’s potent enough to give you some outstanding results. Keep reading to learn how to connect your social media directly into ActiveCampaign and launch some automations based on your social media channel.

What social media can I connect?

Almost any social media. ActiveCampaign versatility and API integrations make it very easy to connect your social media channels to perform core operations in your marketing workflows. For instance, ActiveCampaigns native Facebook integrations make it possible to integrate your form directly into your Facebook page. Other integrations featured in ActiveCampaign’s app marketplace include Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

How does Facebook integration work?

After you create a new web form on your ActiveCampaign account, it allows you to integrate it natively into your Facebook Page account. Note that Facebook requires your business to have more than 2000 likes for this integration to work.

How does Twitter integration work?

Although this integration isn’t native, it’s done through Zapier. It only requires connecting both accounts, ActiveCampaign and Zapier, and the integration is ready to go. After the integration is completed, you can perform automations from your ActiveCampaign account, like creating a tweet when a new campaign is launched.

How does Instagram integration work?

With Instagram’s connection, you can trigger ActiveCampaigns actions after adding a new photo or video on Instagram. This way, you can send an email campaign promoting your latest product with a link to your Instagram account.

The benefits of connecting your social media to ActiveCampaign

1.- Manage all of your marketing from a single channel

Or at least have more control over it. For example, by connecting Facebook and Twitter, you can connect faster with your audiences, letting them know about your most recent products and deals.

2.- More chances of generating leads

If your marketing strategy relies mainly on email, you can boost your chances of generating leads by connecting your email marketing with your social media. Send an email to the users visiting your Facebook page or add them to a campaign straight after you tweet.

3.- A seamless experience for your teams

Suppose your business relies on different teams and staff, like a social media team and an email marketing one. In that case, they’ll be able to streamline their work when both communication channels are interconnected.

How to integrate your social media into ActiveCampaign?

This tutorial will show you two types of integrations for connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Both integrations are very straightforward. Follow the next steps to connect both apps.

Connect Facebook to integrate your web forms

Note: Remember that your Facebook business page should have more than 2k likes for this integration to work.

1.- Go to your main dashboard and click on Site > Forms.

2.- Select the form you want to integrate into your Facebook page and click on “Edit”.

3.- Once the form is opened, click on “Integrate”.

4.- Click on the Facebook tab and click on “Get started”.

5.- Log in with your Facebook credentials.

6.- Choose the Facebook page where you want to publish your web form.

7.- Click “Add Page Tab”.

8.- It will pop up a window confirming the form integration. Click on the “View Your Facebook Page” link to view the form.

Connect Twitter to create tweet from campaigns

You should have a Zapier account and an active Twitter account for this automation to work.

1.- Go to the Zapier integration link.

2.- It’ll ask you to connect your ActiveCampaign account by providing your API Url and API key. Click “Continue”.

3.- Select the list from your ActiveCampaign account that the integration should trigger. This integration will send a campaign each time ActiveCampaign sends a campaign to that list.

4.- Click on “Continue”.

5.- Next, you’ll have to connect your Twitter account.

6.- It’ll ask you to authorize Zapier to access some parts of your account. Click “Authorize app” to grant access.

7.- Customize the tweet that Zapier will post after sending the campaign. You can write whatever you want as long it complies with Twitter rules.

8.- Enable “Shorten URLs” to allow Zapier to shorten the URLs in your Tweet body.

9.- Toggle On the zap you just created to enable it.

Need more Help?

That’s how you can connect your social media with ActiveCampaign. Remember that with Zapier, you can set different automations depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Zapier also enables you to connect with other social networks like Instagram and LinkedIn. If you need more help with your social media integrations, remember that at DigitalME, we provide fully managed services for ActiveCampaign and your marketing strategies in general. Click on the following button and complete the form if it interests you.