How to use ActiveCampaign for a Real Estate Business

How To Use ActiveCampaign For A Real Estate Business

ActiveCampaign for Real Estate Business

With ActiveCampaign, the experience of selling real estate is really amazing, as it allows you to optimize your entire sales flow, from capturing potential buyers, nurturing them, up to follow-ups after sales, which will make your customers and your agent teams really enjoy the process.

If you don’t know what ActiveCampaign is, it’s a platform that allows you to take your marketing campaigns to the next level by automating your sales flows. It also integrates a CRM, where you can track your sale pipelines and communicate with your contacts efficiently.

For real estate agents and brokers, automation software such as ActiveCampaign is a must-have, especially with the current pandemic situation, communication through digital channels has had a notable increase, and Real Estate business is not the exception; great part of the sales labor is being done digitally, sending photos and videos related to the properties for sale instead of making visits. What’s more, using digital communication channels such as email, SMS and WhatsApp will make your communication more direct and efficient. ActiveCampaign makes all of this easier, with its prebuild “template recipes” for your real estate business which are nothing more than automated marketing flows based on frequent use cases. And the best part, you don’t need marketing experience since its interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

Some automated recipes you can use

Buyer Onboarding

With this recipe, you can send important information to those leads interested in buying a property. This can include what they need to carry out the process, the documents they must have, conditions, requirements, etc.

Seller Onboarding

Just like the buyer onboarding, with this recipe, you can set an automated email to the property seller. You can email them with the requirements they must meet to sell their property; the conditions in which the property must be, periods of time, paperwork, etc.

Assessment needed

You can create a flow for those leads who are interested in selling their property and require an assessment. This recipe allows you to generate a form and obtain the required data for those interested in an assessment. You can schedule an assessment for their property, sending notifications to both the seller and the person in charge of the assessment.

Open house follow-up

It allows you to generate a list of the attendees to an open house, so you can thank them for their visit, and send them more information related to the property. Later on, you can send emails asking them if the interest in the property persists.

1 year follow-up

A recipe to follow up on those clients who have acquired one of your properties. You can use it to corroborate whether they are satisfied or not with the property. Then you can ask them about the experience they had with your service and if they have acquaintances who are seeking to buy a property.

Notify your team

If you have an agent sales team, this recipe is perfect since you can notify them when any of your contacts are interested in acquiring a property. Let them know the location of the property and current status of the contact. You can then assign the deal to members of your team.

MLS, IDX and other integrations

ActiveCampaign integrates seamlessly with popular Real Estate MLS  and IDX platforms natively or through Zapier. These platforms include BoomTown, Listings to Leads, Chime, and Zillow, and they will give more depth to your property sales flow.
If you already use any of these platforms for the listing and management of your sales, and you want to use the power of ActiveCampaign automation, you won’t have any problem.


Update your CRM and  deal information, move your contacts data from one platform to the other.


Update your pipelines and deals and create custom automations using chime’s data and IDX.


Share data from your Brokerage website and boost your ActiveCampaign flows.


Trigger an automation when a contact is available in your agent hub.


Extract data from mails and send it to your ActiveCampaign CRM.


Add and update contacts each time you set a booking on Calendly.

Build a solid Real estate business

With ActiveCampaign, automation options are unlimited, allowing you to customize your flows down to the smallest detail, by segmenting your contact lists and assigning tasks to each member of your sales team. This power of capabilities is undoubtedly a competitive advantage over other real estate businesses since you have all data available in one place and can use it to build efficient relationships that help meet your goals more efficiently. As if that were not enough, ActiveCampaign has artificial intelligence functions applied to CRM with which you can obtain information about your contacts, such as if your contacts have a positive or negative opinion about the properties you are trying to sell.

If you would like, at DigitalME we can help you build the Real Estate business you always dreamed of, using the power of ActiveCampaign ad its automation tools.  Take a look at our ActiveCampaign managed service that is handled by our team of experts. It includes 24/7 Support, fully automated email sequences, customized branded emails, and custom API syncs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested so we can arrange a call.