How to integrate payment gateways into ActiveCampaign

How To Integrate Payment Gateways Into ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampign Payment Gateway Integrations

Does your business rely on Paypal or Stripe to collect payments? Are you using ActiveCampaign to send marketing campaigns and automate your sales workflows? Well, it got you covered; ActiveCampaign has native compatibility with both Stripe and Paypal, which means you can retrieve all the payment and subscription data from your favorite payment gateway. Once the integration is ready, it will enable you to create automation based on customers’ purchase events, like sending emails after a subscription or sending transactional emails when an order is placed.

What is Stripe?

Stripe was founded in 2010 and is currently one of the most popular payment processors in the world. The software allows business owners to collect payments from credit and debit cards, wallets, and transfers. Stripe’s security and versatility make it one of the best payment processors, and it’s currently used by 3.1 million websites worldwide.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is an online payment system that lets you link your credit or debit card to make online purchases. It also allows sending and receiving money safely, the reason why many businesses use it as their preferred payment gateway. Currently, Paypal has more than 392 million active users in more than 200 countries and has processed more than 19 billion transactions in 2021.

Why connect PayPal or Stripe to ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a leading tool for launching and managing email marketing campaigns. If you run an eCommerce business, it might be possible that you’d want to capture data from your buyers to send them special promotions, retention emails, or content to generate new sales. PayPal and Stripe API integrations are great since they allow connecting data to third-party applications, and ActiveCampaign is not the exception.

the benefits of connecting payment gateways to ActiveCampaign

1.- More control over your communications with customers

You’ll be able to manage your communications with your customers more efficiently. Send them a custom email after they complete a purchase thanking them for it, or offer a cross-sell some hours after it.

2.- Manage all of your lists from one place

After connecting your payment gateway to ActiveCampaign, the application will retrieve the data from your customers. This way, you can create a special list of clients that completed a purchase and split them from prospects and other subscribers.

3.- Know your costumers better

You’ll know which payment method is their preferred one, so you can send them more personalized emails accordingly. For example, if their preferred payment method is PayPal, you could include a PayPal payment button to increase your chances of closing the sale.

How to track users who watch my videos?

Integrating your payment gateways into ActiveCampaign is very easy to do. You just need to access your API credentials from the payment gateway you wish to connect. In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect the two most used ones: PayPal and Stripe.

How to Integrate PayPal

You should have an Active Paypal account that accepts payments for this integration to work.

1.- Go to ActiveCampaign’s App marketplace. Search for PayPal and click on “Add an account”.

2.- You’ll need to provide your Client ID from an ActiveCampaign API app. To create one, open this link and access it with your PayPal credentials. Then look for “My Apps & Credentials” and toggle the bar at the top to “Live”.

3.- Click on “Create App” to create a new app.

4.- Type in a name for your app. You can call it however you want, but make sure it’s a name you can easily remember. For this tutorial, we’ll call it “ActiveCampaign integration”. Click on “Create App” to finish creating the app.

5.- Once you have created the app, you’ll have access to your Client ID and the Secret, but make sure to enable the “Log in with PayPal” below.

6.- Copy and paste your “Client ID” and “Secret” into ActiveCampaign and click on “Connect”.

7.- Choose the events that should trigger the contacts synchronization. In this case, they are “Checkout Order” and Approved. Click “Continue”.

8.- Map the fields that should match the information from your PayPal customers into ActiveCampaign. You can map as many fields as you consider essential. Add a custom field if it doesn’t exist on ActiveCampaign.

9.- Click on “Finish” to finalize the connection.

10.- You’ll see the integration active on the menu. The integration adds two tags that identify the contacts created from PayPal transactions.

How to Integrate Stripe

For this integration to work, you should have an active Stripe account and have access to your API credentials.

1.- Go to the ActiveCampaign app Marketplace and search for Stripe. Open the app description and click on Add an account.

2.- It will ask you to provide your Stripe API Token. Make sure to find it under developers> API Keys. Click “Connect” to add your account.

3.- Select the event types that should trigger the ActiveCampaign’s contact creation. In this case, we’ll be using “Subscription” and “Created” so ActiveCampaign can synchronize newly created subscriptions. Click “Continue”.

4.- You can map any fields you consider essential to synchronize into ActiveCampaign. If there’s a field that isn’t available in ActiveCampaign, you can create it from your dashboard. Click “Finish” to finalize the connection.

5.- You’ll see the integration you just created. As you can see, it automatically tags users created this way.

6.- From now on, you can also use Stripe events as a trigger for your automations.

Need more Help?

We hope this tutorial has helped you integrate your favorite payment gateway into ActiveCampaign. Remember that ActiveCampaign is a versatile tool that incorporates a variety of popular apps, but it can also integrate with other less known applications via API. If it interests you, at DigitalME, we can help you integrate any app your business is currently using into ActiveCampaign. We also offer consultative and managed services for your marketing strategy using robust automation systems like ActiveCampaign.