How to log in to ActiveCampaign (3 ways)

How to log in to ActiveCampaign (3 ways)

What’s ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a cloud marketing software company created by Jason VandeBoom in 2003. ActiveCampaign provides different functionalities for managing your email campaigns and other essential parts of your workflows. Although ActiveCampaign’s primary goal was to help you with your email marketing, it has expanded to other areas such as SMS and CRM. You’ll have complete control over your workflows and lists of contacts by automating your marketing through ActiveCampaign. If you already have an ActiveCampaign subscription and you want to know how to login yourself as well as the members of your team, you’ve come to the right place.

Different ways of logging into your ActiveCampaign account

These are the different methods of logging into your ActiveCampaign, depending on your device and the type of account. We also tell you how to create a new user if you need to give access to other members of your team:

How To Log In to ActiveCampaign as an admin

When you subscribed to ActiveCamapign, they should have sent you a unique login URL. ActiveCampaign assigns a unique login URL for each subscriber, which is great for privacy and security reasons. Once you have your URL, just follow these steps to access your admin panel:

1.- Enter the login URL in your web browser.

2.- Type in the name of your account.

3.- Enter your password.

4.- You’ll be redirected to the admin dashboard.

How to access ActiveCampaign from the mobile app

There are some functionalities ActiveCampaign will give you access to from your phone. If you’ve just downloaded the mobile app and don’t know how to access your account, follow these steps:

1. Choose the domain type ActiveCampaign assigned to you. The domain type is the second word of your login URL. Assign it to the first input. The domain should be or

2.- Type in the name of your ActiveCampaign account. The name of the account is the first word of your login URL.

3.- Enter your password.

4.- You’ll have access to the app functionalities.

How to Create a team member account

If you need to give access to other team members, you should create a different account for each of them. It will keep your admin account private and ensure you access ActiveCampaign teamwork functionalities. To create a member account, follow these steps:

1.- Log in to your admin dashboard.

2.- Click on “Settings” (The gear icon at the bottom).

3.- Click on the “Users and Groups” tab.

4.- Look for the “Add a new user” button and click on it.

5-  Fill in the contact info details of the new user.

6- Assign a username and a password to your new user. Remember to save this information on a side note,

7.- Choose the group to which the new account will belong. Choose the group wisely, as this will define the functionalities and capabilities of the user. For example, suppose you want to create a new user for a marketing agency like DigitalME. In that case, the Admin account will give it access to all the software functionalities except those related to ownership.

8.- Enable “Multi-Factor Authentication” if you want to add an extra layer of security for the new user account. If enabled, it will require a security code sent to a secondary device each time the user logs in.

9.- Click “Add User”. ActiveCampaign will add the new user account to the users’ list. You can edit all of your users whenever you need to.

How to log in with a team member account

Once you have created a new user, the new user will need the login credentials you assigned to the account and the login URL. To access ActiveCampaign, the new user will need to follow these steps.

1.- Enter the login URL.

2.- Type in the email address associated with the new account.

3.- Enter the password.

Need some Help?

That’s how you log in to ActiveCampaign. Now you can start enjoying the features of one of the best marketing tools in the world. Remember that if you need help implementing your marketing strategy, DigitalME offers advice and managed services to make your business succeed. We are ActiveCampaign certified partners, meaning we possess the skills and resources to integrate seamlessly into your business. Hit the “Get In Touch” button, fill in the form, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.