How to use ActiveCampaign for a Financial Business

How to use ActiveCampaign for a Financial Business

Finance and Accounting on ActiveCampaign

On ActiveCampaign you have automated marketing flows for virtually any industry, and finance is no exception. ActiveCampaign makes things easier for you through its dedicated template recipes, made specifically for accounting and finances.  This means you can set automatic marketing and logistics flows without having to be a marketing expert or have to take training in digital marketing.

Nowadays, there’s the need to have a well-defined communication strategy in your pipeline, in part due to the pandemic, which caused an increment in digital communications. Having a robust communication tool in your arsenal of finance software will increase your customer satisfaction. It will also allow you to reach out to potential customers more effectively.  An automation software like ActiveCampaign will make this faster and with much higher quality.

In accounting and finances, you can apply ActiveCampaign’s automated flows to perform routine tasks that are essential in any accounting/finance agency. You can automate paperwork submissions, expenses reimbursement, credit scoring, meetings, among others. You can also create pipelines and assign deals (which are pieces of information related to potential sales.) to each stage of it. For example, a potential new client fills out a form asking for your services related to accounting. You can automate the sending of emails with information related to your services until you get your goal which is to turn that prospect into an actual client. From there, you can automate your workflow while you are working for that client, like requesting paperwork, bills, sending tax reports, etc.

Do you want to know some of the automated templates included with ActiveCampaign, as well as the possible integrations with some of the popular apps for managing finances and accounting? keep reading to find it out.

Accounting and Financial Recipes

We listed some of the most useful recipes for accounting / financial businesses that will take your services to the next level. These are included with your ActiveCampaign account. If you haven’t signed up, you can sign up here and you’ll get a 14-day trial so you can test its main functionalities.

Segmented Form Follow-up and Deal Creation

This starts an automation when a potential client completes a form on your website to ask for information about your services. It creates a new deal and assigns it to your team members or whoever will be in charge of that sale’s flow.

Paperwork Submission Reminder

An automation to reach out to contacts on a deal and request the paperwork for you to provide your services. The automated flow assigns tasks for your team members so they contact your deals and request the paperwork. If the paperwork is not delivered, then the automation restarts until it’s done.

Virtual Meeting Follow-up

After a meeting is completed, this automation sends automated emails thanking your contacts for their time. Then you can send custom emails to send information that is relevant to what was discussed at the meeting.

Expense Reimbursement

This automation triggers when a contact fills out a form to ask for a reimbursement. The information is sent to your team members so there’s a person in charge of making the reimbursement.

Send offers when good credit is reached

When a person or business in your list of contacts reaches a certain credit score that is considered to be good, this automation sends automated messages to congratulate them and send them special offers.

Credit Score Tagging

Add tags to your contacts depending on their credit score. Then triggers some goal-based actions that apply to their credit grade.

Discuss Financial Wellness on Poor or Fair Credit

When a contact in your list is tagged with a poor or fair credit this automation assigns a task for your team members to reach out to the contact or contacts and discuss what can be done to improve their scoring.

Send Bonjoro Video On Exceptional Credit Score

This automation integrates with bonjoro’s video creator software. It assigns a task to create a bonjoro video and send it to contacts with an exceptional credit score. This increases the chance to close a sale.

Qualified Lead Upsell

It sends automated emails to contacts when they reach certain qualifications for an upsell. These emails are customized for them, so it encourages them to make the purchase.

app integrations

You can find a vast of apps integration with third-party software providers that are useful for Accounting and Financial services like Zoho Books, Xero, FreeAgent,  and AccountingSuite.


Bridge your expenses and accounting tracking data at Xero with your ActiveCampaign automations.

Zoho Books

Add customers from your Zoho Books Account to your ActiveCampaign lists so you can start creating estimates and invoices.


Import your FreshBooks clients’ data into ActiveCampaign and automatically update and create contacts as you create and update them on FreshBooks.


Allows you to import your FreeAgent contacts to ActiveCampaign’s deals and update FreeAgent contacts when they are updated on ActiveCampaign.


Sync your ActiveCampaign and AccountingSuite contacts so you can add tags and build dynamic lists.


Create or update lists based upon contacts behaviors for Calendly bookings such as assigning a task if a contact cancels a meeting.

Increase your retention rate with ActiveCampaign

Using ActiveCampaign you can bring your financial / accountant business to the next level. A powerful automation tool like ActiveCampaign can make the difference between getting your next conversion or losing the next prospect. At DigitalME we can help you implement a good marketing strategy either for your finance/accounting business or any type of industry you have,  through our ActiveCampaign managed service. Contact us now so we can give you advice on what you need for your business. You will get 24/7 Support, fully automated email sequences, customized branded emails, and custom API syncs.