How to use ActiveCampaign for an ecommerce store

How To Use ActiveCampaign For An Ecommerce Store

ActiveCampaign for e-commerce

ActiveCampaign is one of the most versatile marketing automation tools with which you can increase your sales. Whether you use a platform like Amazon or eBay or have your own website using WooCommerce, Shopify, or BigCommerce, with ActiveCampaign you can make your e-commerce experience stand out from the rest. If you have your own e-commerce site, you’ve probably realized the need to have a marketing automation tool to make your sales work more efficiently, so you and your team embrace more to the sales and logistics part within your pipeline, while the email marketing and communications flow run by itself.

Whether you need to send emails announcing your new collection of products, let your customers know of your Black Friday deals, or offer them a special discount, on ActiveCampaign you can create as many custom automations as you need.

There’s also the importance of sending your customers real-time information for their orders, if they have already been processed, if they have been shipped, the expected delivery time, etc. This gives your store a professional feeling, generating trust with your customers. In ActiveCampaign you get pre-built template flows for e-commerce that will bring your automated marketing to life without being a marketing expert. Want to know some of the best out-of-the-box features for e-commerce in ActiveCampaign? Let’s find it out.

E-Commerce Recipes

On ActiveCampaign, you can find many “recipes” automations related to e-commerce. This recipes will make your communications efficient as they are based on frequent use cases which means they apply for the majority of e-commerce businesses. You can even find specialized recipes for Shopify and Facebook. Here are some of the most used recipes you get once you’re signed up:

Product Interest Targeted Follow-up

It consists of sending messages related to a product page the contact visited. By using these messages you can warm up the contact so he is more likely to buy the product. 

Accessory Upsell After Purchase

Offer your customers a product related to the ones they already bought as a complementary sale. For example, if a customer bought a phone from your store, you offer a case for that phone through an email.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

One of the most useful features for e-commerce websites. If a user was about to buy something from your store, but then abandoned it, you sell an email to remind them about the products/products they left behind.

After Purchase Follow Up

You maintain contact with customers who have bought something from your store. For example, you can offer them support or an additional service for what they bought. It increases satisfaction as your customers feel like they are receiving more than what they paid for.

Thank You on Purchase #

You can send your customers a customized email when they buy 1 or a certain quantity of products. For example, if it’s the third time a customer buys something from you, you can send them a special message offering a special discount or a coupon code.

Focused Sales Drip

You add your contacts who are likely to buy to an isolated sales flow, with the purpose of only sending messages that make the purchase more plausible.

popular ecommerce integrations

One of the best features of ActiveCampaign is its integration capabilities. You can find integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms and plugins such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and even with multi-seller major platforms and payment gateways such as eBay and PayPal. Here are some of the most useful integrations for e-commerce within ActiveCampaign:


You can retrieve data from your Shopify stores with this native integration. You can set dedicated Shopify automations like sending loyalty coupons.


You can use its deep data integration to share sales and abandoned cart data. You can also connect it through Zapier.


You can get data from sales from BigComerce sales fields, and you can also segment your customers lists, add tags and initiate automations though its native app.


Through ActiveCampaign’s Magento native plugin you can create and update contacts, customers,  and orders. Also you can retrieve data from abandoned carts.


You can sync purchase and contact data from yout eBay orders so you can set follow-up automations.


You can sync purchase and contact data from yout eBay orders so you can set follow-up automations.

Boost your sales with ActiveCampaign

All the tracking and analysis tools that you have embedded in your website are useless if such data is not being used to efficiently monitor your customers and subscribers through email marketing, which is one of the most efficient channels for e-commerce. Whether you want to send your customers information about your latest collection and offers, thank them for their loyalty, or send them an email when they have left an abandoned cart, ActiveCampaign can run those tasks for you. If you are planning to integrate AciveCampaign’s automated marketing with your e-commerce business or if you need advice on whether ActiveCampaign is for you, we offer our ActiveCampaign managed service.  You get 24/7 Support, fully automated email sequences, customized branded emails, and custom API syncs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested so we can arrange a call.