If your list is under 500 Contacts you can use the AC Contacts cleaner for free. Register now to try the tool!

Need to clean your ActiveCampaign

No matter the length of your lists, the AC Contacts Remover deletes unwanted contacts immediately from your ActiveCampaign account, saving you precious time and effort. 


your list cleaning process .

At DigitalME we know the process of cleaning your contact lists can be a headache, especially if it’s a long one. Doing it manually requires you to have time and patience, and we’re aware that most of our clients lack the first one. That’s why we’ve created the AC Contacts Remover

Save Time and effort

Our contacts remover tool deletes unwanted contacts from databases with thousands of contacts at once, meaning that you don’t need to segment your lists and upload them separately to remove them.

Coded by magicians

Our remover tool code follows strict coding standards, ensuring only unwanted contacts will disappear from your lists and keeping your other contacts safe.

Security Enhanced

The tool relies on ActiveCampaign’s secure API, meaning your account will be safe, and only the required data to remove your contacts will be shared through the script.

For long database businesses .


For eCommerce stores with thousands of old inactive emails. The AC Contacts cleaner keeps your lists clean and at your disposal for your marketing campaigns so your open rates remain accurate. 


If you run a course or webinar website, you know that many of your contacts are no longer required, and some of them can be spammy or email traps. By using our tool you can be sure only potential clients will stay in your funnels. 

Real Estate

Real estate firms might end up with long lists of inactive or abandoned email addresses. Keeping those contacts is totally useless and might deceive your engagement rates. Getting rid of those contacts will ensure only the active contacts get your property listings.


Financial businesses depend on email to be in touch with their clients and a deprecated list can damage your email deliverability. Our cleaner will make your emails keep arriving in your clients’ inboxes.

The best contact lists cleaner ever .

Easy to use

Just connect to your account and upload your full list of unwanted contacts.


Using the ActiveCmpaign's API, only the essential data will be shared through the tool.


Just refresh and your list will be up-to-date. All of the unwanted contacts will be gone.


If you have any problem with the tool, we're available 24/7 to attend to any issues.

Developed by a Certified Partner


Try the tool .

Fill in the form to request the trial. You'll receive an email with a link and instructions. In case your list is over 500 contacts, you'll need to contact us to request a custom quote

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