How to use ActiveCampaign on Android

How to use ActiveCampaign on Android

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a marketing software tool for creating and managing your marketing campaigns. Although ActiveCampaign started as a consulting firm providing email marketing and automation services, it has evolved into a complete marketing managing system. You can manage not only your email sendings but essential elements of your websites as well, such as landing pages and web forms. You can also launch SMS campaigns and integrate the software with third-party systems. And if that was not enough, it also has a native sales CRM so you can handle your contacts and segment them according to their behavior. ActiveCampaign is cloud-based which means you can operate the tool from a web browser. However, it also has a mobile application for Android and IOS, which means you can manage your marketing campaigns from the palm of your hand. This article will show you how to download and use the tool from an android device and its available features.

Is ActiveCampaign worth it?

ActiveCampaign is simply one of the best tools for managing your marketing campaigns. The software is very affordable compared to other similar tools, and the quality and support for their services are simply one of the best. The best part about ActiveCampaign is that you can start with a basic plan and expand it as you grow, so you won’t have to cancel your current one to upgrade it. Also, its wide variety of third-party apps lets you connect the business tools you already use, so you won’t have to worry about migrating your data.

Is the ActiveCampaign app good enough?

ActiveCampaign’s mobile app enables you to manage essential parts of your marketing campaigns so you won’t have to worry if you’re out of the office or on your way to a meeting. The app will get you covered with the most crucial features for operating your workflows. And, of course, all of that is free and out of the box, so you won’t have to pay extra charges or make complex configurations to use it.

What features does the app include?

Manage Contacts

You can easily see your lists of contacts and add or update the existing ones. You can also contact them directly via chat or through a phone call.

Manage accounts

Get the details of the business you’re working with. You can edit them, and you can also add new accounts.

Manage tasks

You can view your pending tasks, like meetings and calls, and mark them as completed. You can also assign new tasks to your team members.

Manage and Create Deals

Check out the details of the deals you’ve created. Add notes to them, or create new ones.

View and edit campaigns

You can check the details of your active campaigns. You can review the subjects and preheaders, and you can even see the performance of your split testing ones.

Check the performance of your emails

See how your emails are performing by getting their metrics. You can see the important KPIs such as Open, click, and bounce rates, as well as unsubscriptions and revenues.

See the preview of your emails

If you weren’t sure about the email you created, you could double-check them directly from your phone. See how your contacts are seeing your emails from their phones.

How to use the ActiveCampaign android app

Getting the reports of your emails is very easy if you are already tracking them. There are two ways you can see the performance of your emails: One is by using the performance report, and the other is directly from your automations. Bear in mind that performance reporting is only available for Plus, Professional, and Enterprise Plans. 


Follow the next steps to access your performance reports from the campaign reports section or directly from your automations:

How to install and use the app

1.- On your Android phone, go to Google’s Play store and search for ActiveCampaign. Tap on the “Install” button. The app is around 9M in size.

2.- Once it finishes the installation, open the app and log in with your ActiveCampaign’s credentials. Check the URL you usually use to log in to get the account name and domain type information. The account name is the first word before the domain name.

You’ll also need the registered email/username and password.

3.- After you log in, the first screen you’ll see is for your pending tasks. You can view the details for each, and you filter them by tapping on the upper right button.

4.- Next, you can see your deals by stage. You can also see your team members’ deals by filtering the list. Add a new one by tapping on the (+) button.

5.- You can see your contacts list by tapping on the contacts icon. You can email, call or message each contact by tapping on it and using the contact buttons.

6.- Next, you can see your campaigns by tapping on the envelope icon. You can edit the draft and scheduled ones.

7.- See the preview by tapping on “View Campaign”.

Need some Help?

That’s how you install and manage your ActiveCampaign account from your Android phone. Although you’ll lack some functionalities, such as email and automation builders, it will allow you to run essential tasks of your marketing workflows. Also, you’ll be able to view how your campaigns are performing and update your contacts on the go. The ActiveCampaign app is also great if you need to contact your leads and customers directly from your phone. At DigitalME, we can help you set audit and configure your ActiveCampaign account. Feel free to click on the “Get In Touch” button and leave your contact information so we can reach out to you.